Tuesday, 29 March 2011

breathing's just a rhythm.

outfit details:
blue blouse - some hippie music festival years ago - no, seriously!
burgundy cardigan - Kohl's
white lace vest - Charlotte Russe
shorts - American Eagle
tights - Kohl's?  Target?  Somewhere.
combat boots - Kohl's
soda pop-top bracelet - self made :)

Today was loooooooovely, absolutely looooooooovely!  I'm in a bit of a musical mood (well, more so than I usually am, haha), probably because I just returned home from rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland.  I play Tall Alice!  I also got to stand in for the Mad Hatter today since his actor was absent, so that allowed me to let out a bit of my inner crazy :)  It's so much fun to wear a giant hat and speak in ridiculous accents!  Of course, Tall Alice and her temper tantrums are amusing as well... that child can cry an ocean of tears!

One of my favourite parts of rehearsing for any show, besides the acting (and singing!  Ah, singing :D), is warming up.  Stretches, vocal exercises, improvs, take your pick - they make me so happy and excited for the rehearsal ahead!

Okay, now from the ground: breathe in!  Stretch up!  On your toes!  Higher!  Aaaaaaand out!  One, two, three, four, five....

Another thing I love, especially with children's theatre (Alice in Wonderland is my first time working with specifically children's theatre), is the kids' antics.  The Royal Cardsmen falling over themselves to escape the wrath of the Queen of Hearts (one of my best friends, coincidentally, and she plays a mean queen!), the little Rock Lobsters being "loyal and attentive", and all the kids running in circles during breaks.  I'm not always a fan of children (they tend to make me nervous!), but these kids are the sweetest, funniest, most adorable little kids I've ever seen!

It must be a drama thing :)


Sunday, 27 March 2011

the day I knew you'd not come back.

outfit details:
white blouse - Old Navy (years ago)
red cardigan - American Eagle
jeans & belt - Kohl's
shoes - no idea, sorry!
locket - vintage, from my grandma
earrings and bracelet - gifts from my mum

First off, can I get three cheers for the adorable elephant charm on my bracelet??  I haven't worn this little bracelet in years, because I think at one point I thought it was too small for me... but obviously, I was wrong, and I've been missing out on the adorable elephant charm and his friends!

This weekend has been unbelievably hectic!  I spent the weekend with my best friend preparing for a craft fair, and threw together numerous outfits, but this was one of my favourites, and one of the few I managed to get photos of!  I'll have to post the others eventually, once I'm all caught up on the school work I conveniently forgot to do while there were more interesting things going on... such as bowling with friends (and failing epically!  So sad...), and taking photos of children with the Easter Bunny!

I volunteered for the craft fair not knowing what I was getting myself into!  That said, it was a lot of fun, but extremely stressful!  My job was to take photos of little kids with the "Easter Bunny" - a student in a suit - and print out the photos there and then to give to the parents.  Unfortunately, our printer was slow, some people ordered multiple prints, and everyone seemed to forget that we weren't a professional photo studio, but a small group of students trying our best!  Nonetheless, I felt quite accomplished after we turned off the lights, put away the camera, printed the last of the photos, and counted our profits.  All of the money goes to our school, so the $300 or so that we made will help a lot, especially seeing as our school is dirt poor!  :P

Bah, I really can't procrastinate any longer by talking about my stressful weekend, can I?  It makes me stressed just thinking about us hiding from parents whose kids' photos hadn't been printed yet!  Quite terrifying... I think I prefer homework!

Until next time!


Monday, 21 March 2011

pond. amy pond.

My grandfather Stanley died before I was born, but my father keeps trinkets and photos of his around the house.  A few years ago, he gave me this ID bracelet my grandfather wore while he was in the Marine Reserves (in the 1940's or something!).  The clasp is a little loose, so I'm always afraid of losing it when I wear it out - how did Grandpa Stan wear this in the military!?  But I haven't lost it yet.... knock on wood!

I wish I could've met my Grandpa Stan, because apparently he's where I got my knack for writing from.... and no one saved any of his poetry!  Quite unfortunate.  But I suppose writing is my own way of remembering him.  :)

Outfit Details:
red hoodie - American Apparel
black skirt - thrifted and modified
tights and socks - Kohl's
Converse hi-tops - DSW, I believe....
ID bracelet - Grandpa Stan's

Oh, and my necklaces!  I'm almost always wearing these two necklaces, my dragon/nazar pendant and my turquoise bead choker-type-thing.  I have no idea where I bought/found them, but I've worn them for as long as I remember :)


Shay xx

PS - It's thunder-storming outside, my favourite!

PPS - I forgot to mention, but if you've happened to stumble upon my blog and/or decided to follow, I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself!

Monday, 7 March 2011


A city excursion, then home with friends.  These are the results of my first experiments with my Diana F+ camera, and I'm quite excited!