Tuesday, 29 March 2011

breathing's just a rhythm.

outfit details:
blue blouse - some hippie music festival years ago - no, seriously!
burgundy cardigan - Kohl's
white lace vest - Charlotte Russe
shorts - American Eagle
tights - Kohl's?  Target?  Somewhere.
combat boots - Kohl's
soda pop-top bracelet - self made :)

Today was loooooooovely, absolutely looooooooovely!  I'm in a bit of a musical mood (well, more so than I usually am, haha), probably because I just returned home from rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland.  I play Tall Alice!  I also got to stand in for the Mad Hatter today since his actor was absent, so that allowed me to let out a bit of my inner crazy :)  It's so much fun to wear a giant hat and speak in ridiculous accents!  Of course, Tall Alice and her temper tantrums are amusing as well... that child can cry an ocean of tears!

One of my favourite parts of rehearsing for any show, besides the acting (and singing!  Ah, singing :D), is warming up.  Stretches, vocal exercises, improvs, take your pick - they make me so happy and excited for the rehearsal ahead!

Okay, now from the ground: breathe in!  Stretch up!  On your toes!  Higher!  Aaaaaaand out!  One, two, three, four, five....

Another thing I love, especially with children's theatre (Alice in Wonderland is my first time working with specifically children's theatre), is the kids' antics.  The Royal Cardsmen falling over themselves to escape the wrath of the Queen of Hearts (one of my best friends, coincidentally, and she plays a mean queen!), the little Rock Lobsters being "loyal and attentive", and all the kids running in circles during breaks.  I'm not always a fan of children (they tend to make me nervous!), but these kids are the sweetest, funniest, most adorable little kids I've ever seen!

It must be a drama thing :)



  1. "blue blouse - some hippie music festival years ago - no, seriously!
    tights - Kohl's? Target? Somewhere." hahahaha

    I almost wish I had chosen Alice over Forum after reading this. Miracles of miracles there are kids that Shayli *isn't* afraid of! xD

    You're outfit was darling but I told you that in person :P

  2. It is quite a miracle, isn't it? :)


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