Sunday, 27 March 2011

the day I knew you'd not come back.

outfit details:
white blouse - Old Navy (years ago)
red cardigan - American Eagle
jeans & belt - Kohl's
shoes - no idea, sorry!
locket - vintage, from my grandma
earrings and bracelet - gifts from my mum

First off, can I get three cheers for the adorable elephant charm on my bracelet??  I haven't worn this little bracelet in years, because I think at one point I thought it was too small for me... but obviously, I was wrong, and I've been missing out on the adorable elephant charm and his friends!

This weekend has been unbelievably hectic!  I spent the weekend with my best friend preparing for a craft fair, and threw together numerous outfits, but this was one of my favourites, and one of the few I managed to get photos of!  I'll have to post the others eventually, once I'm all caught up on the school work I conveniently forgot to do while there were more interesting things going on... such as bowling with friends (and failing epically!  So sad...), and taking photos of children with the Easter Bunny!

I volunteered for the craft fair not knowing what I was getting myself into!  That said, it was a lot of fun, but extremely stressful!  My job was to take photos of little kids with the "Easter Bunny" - a student in a suit - and print out the photos there and then to give to the parents.  Unfortunately, our printer was slow, some people ordered multiple prints, and everyone seemed to forget that we weren't a professional photo studio, but a small group of students trying our best!  Nonetheless, I felt quite accomplished after we turned off the lights, put away the camera, printed the last of the photos, and counted our profits.  All of the money goes to our school, so the $300 or so that we made will help a lot, especially seeing as our school is dirt poor!  :P

Bah, I really can't procrastinate any longer by talking about my stressful weekend, can I?  It makes me stressed just thinking about us hiding from parents whose kids' photos hadn't been printed yet!  Quite terrifying... I think I prefer homework!

Until next time!



  1. Can you come over and fill my closet with amazing clothes like that!?!?! :D Golly Gee Wizakers you are beautiful. (And I adore that bracelet)... <3

  2. Aw, Lisa, you're too kind :)
    Thanks so much!


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