Monday, 21 March 2011

pond. amy pond.

My grandfather Stanley died before I was born, but my father keeps trinkets and photos of his around the house.  A few years ago, he gave me this ID bracelet my grandfather wore while he was in the Marine Reserves (in the 1940's or something!).  The clasp is a little loose, so I'm always afraid of losing it when I wear it out - how did Grandpa Stan wear this in the military!?  But I haven't lost it yet.... knock on wood!

I wish I could've met my Grandpa Stan, because apparently he's where I got my knack for writing from.... and no one saved any of his poetry!  Quite unfortunate.  But I suppose writing is my own way of remembering him.  :)

Outfit Details:
red hoodie - American Apparel
black skirt - thrifted and modified
tights and socks - Kohl's
Converse hi-tops - DSW, I believe....
ID bracelet - Grandpa Stan's

Oh, and my necklaces!  I'm almost always wearing these two necklaces, my dragon/nazar pendant and my turquoise bead choker-type-thing.  I have no idea where I bought/found them, but I've worn them for as long as I remember :)


Shay xx

PS - It's thunder-storming outside, my favourite!

PPS - I forgot to mention, but if you've happened to stumble upon my blog and/or decided to follow, I'd love it if you'd introduce yourself!


  1. Wow I love the red of that hoodie!!!! It's really beautifully bright and your hair IS AMAZING :D
    My name is Korlei and I also own a style blog. I don't really know how else to introduce myself... :P anyway continue blogging !!!

    (my blog)>

  2. love the third pic!

    nice blog

    come by

  3. You inspire me to try red.

  4. You should do another post! Like, a daily one! Stop forgetting to take pictures :P

    Stay awesome :)

  5. Thank you all for the feedback, follows, and compliments! I feel lucky to have such wonderful people reading my blog :)


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