Friday, 1 April 2011

here I dreamt I was an architect.

outfit details:
sweater - Croft & Barrow
skirt - Charlotte Russe
tights - Target
cameo necklace - vintage (gift from my grandma)
shoes - Steve Madden

It's raining!  It's pouring!  I wish I was snoring!

Like my little song there?  This week has been absolutely ridiculously hectic!  Exam reviews, extra meetings for my school's literary magazine, tons of homework and sketchbook assignments due... paired with maybe eight hours of sleep this entire week.  It's enough to bring anyone's spring spirits down with gloomy weather and little sleep.  But I'm staying optimistic!  The fourth quarter of school has arrived, spring break is coming soon, and it's slowly but steadily (well, not-so-steadily) becoming warmer!

Happiness, happiness, happiness :)

I'm staying with my cousin for a few days, and it's been interesting trying to adapt my blog photography to this little room - but I kind of like it!  Especially because quite on accident, my outfit sort of matches the quilt... what a crazy random happenstance!  Tomorrow I think I'll have my little cousin do my photos... if I can teach him to controls on my camera!  Okay, so he's not that little - eleven - but he'll always be my little Zack to me :)

I'm being called to watch movies and munch popcorn now, so until tomorrow, everyone!


PS - Is it sad that my little cousin is having to convince me to watch the Poltergeist?  Haha


  1. nice photos:)

  2. Ok so this is the girl who knows nothing about fashion but if you want people to see what you're wearing, shouldn't your pictures be, you know, outfit visable? haha I only say this because of the second picture. Otherwise, me mucho love!

    Zach *is* little! Even if he will be in middle school next year, he's still a shrimp! haha

  3. Thekla: Thank you! :)

    Haley: I just liked that photo, haha! And he IS little, but he helped me out wonderfully :)


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