Saturday, 23 April 2011

sunshine, sunshine.

outfit details:
yellow tiered blouse - Kohl's
pink skirt - Kohl's (in the little girls' section - they have so many bright clothes, haha!)
gray striped cardigan - Aeropostale
boots - Elle

[This is what I was supposed to post (Ha! That rhymed!  Sorta...) a week ago, in the Atlanta airport, feeling so cool using the airport's internet, and then... I moved one seat over - ONE seat over, and the internet decided I could only look at websites related to Georgia!?  Hmph.  So, here it is now, a week late.  I'm extremely sorry, but maybe if enough people are irked we can take it up with the airport officials?  Haha :)

Mexico photos will be up later, because it is 2:30 AM and I just got home from a day of flying.... goodnight!)

Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia!  I’m waiting for my connection to Cancun, and it is freezing for Georgia!  I’m pretty sure it was warmer when we left our hotel in Richmond at four o’clock in the morning!  Oh well, we’re halfway to Mexico :)

Since yesterday was my last day of classes before spring break, I decided to celebrate by trying out some new (and extremely vibrant) clothes I bought in anticipation for warmer weather.  It was sunny and gorgeous, with a temperature of about 70 degrees, and my skirt constantly swayed in the breeze (as did my hair, as you can see!).

I received many compliments on my outfit; the most amusing ones likened me to Easter eggs and pink lemonade, which made me laugh.  But I was just happy for the gorgeous weather, and for time spend with my sweet Labrador-chow mix, Shadow.  He had so much fun rolling in the grass; it was hard to convince him to come inside!

Cheers, and have a marvelous spring!


PS – Many thanks to my brother for assisting me in taking photos!  He couldn't care less about fashion, but he was playing with Shadow :)


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