Wednesday, 6 April 2011

what comes after.

New shoes!  Oh yeah!  Aren't they spiffy?

I wear a flower moustache now.
Flower moustaches are cool :)

outfit details:
blouse - Forever 21
oversized cardigan - Urban Outfitters
skinny jeans - Kohl's
shoes - Nine West
belt - thrifted
locket - vintage

"After her veterinarian dad dies, sixteen-year-old Iris Wight must leave her beloved Maine to live on a North Carolina farm with her hardbitten aunt and a cousin she barely knows. Iris, a vegetarian and animal lover, immediately clashes with Aunt Sue, who mistreats the livestock, spends Iris’s small inheritance, and thinks nothing of striking Iris for the smallest offense. Things come to a head when Iris sets two young goats free to save them from slaughter, and an enraged Aunt Sue orders her brutish son, Book, to beat Iris senseless - a horrific act that lands Book and his mother in jail. Sent to live with an offbeat foster family and their "dooking" ferrets, Iris must find a way to take care of the animals back at the farm, even if it means confronting Aunt Sue. Powerful and deeply moving, this compelling novel affirms the redemptive power of animals and the resilience of the human spirit."
I was lucky to be able to purchase this book before its official release - April 12, if you're curious - and (pardon the cliché :) ) couldn't put it down!  I mean this quite literally: I carried it with me everywhere, and walked into walls several times because my nose was stuck in this absolutely marvelous book, hindering my directional abilities. . .

Easily relating to Iris, being the vegetarian animal lover I am, I was drawn instantly into this amazing, tragic, beautiful story.  Can you tell I don't really know how to write a book review?  I feel like I'm rambling!  The main point I'm trying to make with this post is: 1) This book is amazing.  It made me cry, and that's really hard for a book to do!  2) Steve Watkins is a fantastic writer!  Oh, and 3) It will most likely leave you craving goat cheese :)

What brought this to the front of my mind today was the scene I saw when pulling into my driveway.  I live in a semi-rural neighborhood, and many of my neighbors have horses, cows, goats, you name it.  (I myself have chickens, and if it weren't for my love of travel I'd probably have many, many more animals!)  So as I was pulling into my driveway, over the crunch of gravel I heard a maaaaaa-ing sound, which made me stop and look around.  I saw my neighbor's goats squeezing through a gap in the fence and following each other, in a straight line, to my front yard, where the adults were munching on grass and leaves and the little ones were frolicking around!  Baby goats are the absolute sweetest creatures - I had to resist the incredibly strong urge to goat-nap a few of them and raise my own little herd!

After a little while, the herd leader led them all back to the fence, through the gap, and into their own pasture, where they wandered around innocently, pretending nothing had happened . . .

I wish I'd had my camera with me!


PS - Look at that, outside photos!  Very exciting, I know :)


  1. First picture= COOLEST PICTURE EVER!
    Also, I completely agree with you about What Comes After haha I actually have never eaten goat cheese before...
    Continue to be gorgeous and intelligent, kthnxbye.

  2. Thanks so much, dahling!
    Eat goat cheese - eat it! So delicious :D


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