Thursday, 14 April 2011

when I was little, I thought I would be. . .

The tree scratched me!  Mean tree :(

outfit details:
pink blouse - Kohl's
nautical skirt - American Eagle
vest - Charlotte Russe
boots - Steve Madden
belt - Kohl's
locket - vintage

. . . a veterinarian, a writer, a palaeontologist, an actress, an interior designer, and a faerie, to name a few.  

Most recently, however, my dream has been to become a travel photojournalist, for a magazine such as National Geographic.  I absolutely can't live without seeing new places (so living in a small town is pretty much torture!), so you can imagine how excited I am to be travelling to Mexico over spring break with my family!  Granted, we'll be staying on a resort, so it doesn't really count as Mexico - more like a slice of America, but with warmer weather - but it's travel all the same.  I'm really excited to see Mayan ruins and gorgeous sunsets, but not so much looking forward to the promise of sunburn/tanning.  I rather like my pale skin, and even though I have the potential to get a really great tan, I'm not too enthused by the idea of wrinkles and skin cancer in the future.  So I'll be jumping in a vat of 100+ SPF sunscreen every morning before I head outside :)

I've always been more of a cold weather girl, so Mexico is a tad bit out of my comfort zone... but I'm thinking I can deal with it with sunscreen and a healthy appetite for photos.  Speaking of photos, the pictures in this post are from Tuesday, when the weather was in the 60's, cool and gray and gorgeous!  It was what I think of as a West-coast day, and I loved it, because it let me pretend I was somewhere in Oregon or Washington (or Northern California, one of my dearest loves :) ) for a little while.

I am so absolutely looking forward to a break from my studies!  I'm fairly sure I'll have internet access during my trip, so I plan to update my blog semi-regularly.  At the very least, I'll take lots of photos and post them when I return!

Are you going, or did you go, anywhere fun for spring break?


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