Tuesday, 31 May 2011

all your future lies beneath your hat.

New hat!  <3

Cleaning my screen - it wouldn't stay un-smudgy!  I thought this photo looked pretty nifty though.

Ow, I slipped and fell!  My expression is rather comical, though....
I cheered myself up after my fall with a giant bowl of frozen cherries - my dessert of choice!
outfit details:
skirt (that's actually a shirt) - Forever 21
blouse - Cloud Nine
booties - Steve Madden
hat - vintage Saks Fifth Avenue

There are three things that made me very happy today.

The first one is the fact that my skirt is actually a shirt.  Not a huge advancement in fashion, or an amazing invention of the century, but hey, it made me feel quite innovative.

The second on is probably my biggest joy.  Today, my friend Hannah brought me a bag full of her great-grandmother's old hats!  She'd been cleaning out her house and didn't want them, so she wanted to give me a chance to pick through the lot before she donated them to the thrift store.  In my excitement, I claimed the lot of them - "adopted", I called it - and am so excited to wear them!  The hat I'm wearing in these photos is from that bunch, and is probably my favourite.  It's dark blue/indigo velvet woven in a basket-y sort of shape, and it's pretty spifftastic, don'tcha think?

These hats, with their musty old-perfume smell, soft textures, and surprisingly strong form all make me think elegance and poise.  This caused me, for one, do use a darker lip colour than usual (I kind of like it, what do you think?), but mostly, to think of the woman to whom these hats used to belong.  I never knew Hannah's great-grandmother, but she seems to have been a woman after my own heart with all these gorgeous hats.  One of the things I love most about vintage pieces is imagining the story behind them.  As I went through the bag of hats for the first time, my writer's brain was conjuring up stories left and right that couldn't be further from the truth, probably, but were fun all the same.  I'll have to write them down and post them one of these days - they consisted of an elephant trainer, a very long train, and a whirl of colour I can't put a name to (but would have to, if I ever wanted to write it out).  Sort of like the reflection the sun makes on my camera lens in the photographs above, only swirling.  There.

Third, and possibly, except not, more joyous than the hats, is the giant bowl of cherries I am slowly but steadily devouring at the moment.  I figured I deserved something cold after outfit photos out in the heat (I was sweating just standing in front of the camera - that sort of weather should be abolished!), and my little spill on the grass... I may or may not have sprained my wrist - it could have just been a shock or something.  Oh well, I'll have my mum check it out when she gets home - she's a doctor, and a lovely one at that!


PS - Oh, there's one more thing that made me super happy!  It's also the cause of this post having so, so, so many photos today.  I finally found the sunlight I was looking for!  I just about jumped for joy, but stopped myself.  And even though I didn't literally jump, I still managed to fall and hurt myself!

PPS - I typed this all with one hand.  Oh yeah.  Skill, baby, skill.

Monday, 30 May 2011

where are you going? i don't know.

outfit details:
skirt-worn-as-a-dress - I honestly don't remember
sequined flats - Nine West
belt - Coldwater Creek, stolen borrowed from my mum

Happy Memorial Day,  readers in the US!

Today's outfit photos are actually from yesterday.  My mum and I spent the majority of the day doing housework, so we decided to treat ourselves in the evening and go out for dinner and a movie (Pirates of the Carob Bean 4... Hey, don't judge me, it's fun to say it like that!  Okay, fine, Caribbean.  Happy?).  The movie was really good, and the Italian restaurant we went to before the show had such delicious chocolate chip bread pudding!  That took the place of popcorn at the movies for me!

Despite the fun night out, however, I have to confess I'm not entirely comfortable with these photos.  I love this skirt/dress, with its summery, bohemian vibe, but the straplessness I rather resent.  They don't exactly make my arms look.... well, as fit as they could.  Granted, I have very little arm strength to begin with, so it's not as if I have super strong arms.  But they usually look better than that, I think.  Sigh, insecurities....

I guess that gives me an entryway into my goal of being more honest on my blog, though.

While I love to read pretty much any blog that includes good fashion and decent writing, I always appreciate the bloggers who make the extra effort to talk about things that really matter, and not just say "Hey, look how cute my skirt is!  Okay, bye!"  Believe me, I have nothing against anyone who'd rather focus on purely the fashion side of things, but I myself find it more enjoyable to read people's honest opinions and ponderings about life, love, happiness, whatever.  Bloggers who let us know their take on things and don't hold back stories or opinions have inspired me, and I'm aiming, as a new month approaches, and the summer gives me more time to focus on blogging and the like, to be more honest on my blog about what I'm thinking and what my opinions are (with the intentions of just giving my thoughts, and not offending anyone if I can help it).

That said, I can't promise every post will be deep and philosophical.  I love gushing about shoes just as much as the next blogger!

Cheers, and here's to honesty!

PS - You can see my haircut a bit more clearly here than in the last outfit post.  What do you think?  I'm liking it a bit shorter for the summer.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

summer of love, or something.

[all images found on pinterest.com]

On this most overcast of Saturdays, I've done nothing but lounge around in my (new, yay!) pyjamas, do housework - okay, so I suppose that's not really "lounging" - and schoolwork, and daydream of summer awesomeness.  I know I've made it clear that I'm not a huge fan of summer, but what I am a fan of is the freedom that summer gives us poor students to take off and do anything we want, because there's no class to worry about and we absolutely must empty our brains before September!

Well, I don't actually agree with that last statement, but I do love vacation.  Especially road trips.

I've never taken a road trip, but in my imagination, they're full of days where the sun never loses its dusky golden glow, and you have a fun and maybe slightly unreliable car that putters around on dusty roads without another car in sight.  You and your friends drive for days in the empty desert, witness amazing sunsets, cook out in the open, meet interesting new people, stop at dinky little diners and shops, and stay at bed & breakfasts and/or shabby hotels.  But best of all, you get to wear fun clothes that you wouldn't be able to at school!  Crop tops, sleeveless shirts and dresses, crazy heels, shades all day?  You betcha.

Roadtrips, to me, embody the free-spirited, bohemian, 70's sort of ideal that is prevalent this season in both the fashion world, and in everyone's desire for hope and a confirmation that the world doesn't completely suck.

What are you planning to do this summer?  Unfortunately for me, I'm not going on a super groovy road trip, but I am going to a camp with my friends, and another one with my dear darling little brother.  Not the most exciting thing, I know, but I'm avoiding big vacations this summer in order to save up for a possible trip to Europe next summer.  Huzzah!


PS - Yes, in my mind, all road trips have Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background.  Constantly.

Friday, 27 May 2011

oh, the weather outside is frightful, but what the hell, i love the rain.

Oh my, does that sign say "No Trespassing"?  Erm...

outfit details:
black dress - Kohl's
striped shirt - Converse One Star for Target
red belt - Kohl's
heels - Mudd, Famous Footwear

First off, sorry for the suck-tastic pictures today, folks.  I could literally hear the thunder approaching (sounding like gunfire) while I was posing for the camera, and as soon as I stepped inside (I kid you not!), a torrential-ly torrential burst of rain came pouring down.  It's lightened up a bit since, but the world (as far as my eyes can see it, at least) is still humid and gray and rainy.

My first thought?  It's a really good thing we don't have a massive hole in our living room wall any-more!

I am so very relieved it is Friday.  Even though I stayed home sick on Monday, which really should have made the school week feel shorter, this week has seemed ridiculously long.  Only nine more days til school lets out for summer though, which is quite exciting.  Also, I got my hair cut - or dyed the tips invisible, whichever you prefer - this afternoon, which I've been looking forward to for several weeks.  I had to reschedule the appointment at least three times, but it finally happened!  My hair now ends a little past my shoulders, as you can (hopefully) see in the photos, and the layers have been spruced up a bit.  It's such a relief to have a lot of the length (and therefore the weight) taken off in time for the heat and humidity of summer.  Alas, the struggles of curly haired-ness!  Do you have troubles with your hair in summer weather?  How do you control the frizziness or flatness that comes with humidity?

Before the deluge this evening, and after my haircut, my mum and I (and my little[ish] brother, much to his dismay) went thrifting at the local Goodwill.  While not the most chic place to find clothes, I usually can find neat things to modify or play around with!  I was specifically searching for a denim jacket to modify into a vest, but apparently it's impossible for someone to donate denim without it having been embroidered to death with flowers or children (yes, children!) or American flags.  Huh.  I did find a pretty good haul of things, though, including two Polaroid cameras (a land camera and a one step), a polka-dot dressing gown, a silver cream and sugar set, and what is possibly the most outrageous sweater ever.  Something along the lines of this tree-cozy, only for people.  Definitely wearing it when the temperatures drop a bit!

Ooh, the rain's mostly stopped and the sky is a mix between blue-gray and yellow.  How strange!

Now it's time to see if 1) I can find film for the Polaroids, and 2) to see if they even work.  I'm super excited my family of cameras is growing!  :)


Thursday, 26 May 2011

where does the sun go when we need it most?

outfit details:
dress - Charlotte Russe
denim shirt - Kohl's (?)
floral flats - Sarah & Libby, DSW
necklace - vintage

The one thing I dislike about summertime is the length of the days.  "What?" I can hear you protesting, "You don't think it's great that we have so much more time to do summery things!?"  Well, for one, I'm not generally a fan of summer to begin with, but I can appreciate what it brings and all - flowers, fruit, butterflies, colour...  However, the long days mean I have to wait for forever for the sun to start setting!  Dusk is my favourite time to take outfit photographs because of the gorgeous light, but during the summertime that light is only found around 8 o'clock and disappears quickly.

I'd rather be in my pyjamas with a book and a cup of tea at 8 o'clock, anyways.

Other than being exhausted mentally (from exams) and physically (sicky sick sick), nothing is really new in Shayli-Land, so I'd like to take the time to introduce you to my favourite new blogger:  Annika, of According to Annika.  She's a Swedish journalist who blogs about fashion and the awesome things in life.  She also has two adorable cats, and a love of tea fit to rival my own!  Check out her blog if you like.

My mum just brought home fresh mozzarella for us to make matzo pizza, so I'm off to delve into that realm of deliciousness!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

the storm above our heads.

My brother ran by and pushed his guitar into my hands.... I'm not quite sure why.

outfit details:
scarf/halter top/silk patterned thing - some hippy music festival, haha
burgundy cardigan - Kohl's
tank top - Kohl's
jeans - American Eagle
heels - Indigo (bought at DSW)

This is a haiku I wrote:

sniffle sniff sniffle
sniffle sniffle sniff sniff sniff
I sniff am sniff sick.

That pretty much sums it up.

[a very sick] Shayli

PS - These photos are from sometime this week.  It was thunder-storming quite loudly, which was awesome.