Tuesday, 31 May 2011

all your future lies beneath your hat.

New hat!  <3

Cleaning my screen - it wouldn't stay un-smudgy!  I thought this photo looked pretty nifty though.

Ow, I slipped and fell!  My expression is rather comical, though....
I cheered myself up after my fall with a giant bowl of frozen cherries - my dessert of choice!
outfit details:
skirt (that's actually a shirt) - Forever 21
blouse - Cloud Nine
booties - Steve Madden
hat - vintage Saks Fifth Avenue

There are three things that made me very happy today.

The first one is the fact that my skirt is actually a shirt.  Not a huge advancement in fashion, or an amazing invention of the century, but hey, it made me feel quite innovative.

The second on is probably my biggest joy.  Today, my friend Hannah brought me a bag full of her great-grandmother's old hats!  She'd been cleaning out her house and didn't want them, so she wanted to give me a chance to pick through the lot before she donated them to the thrift store.  In my excitement, I claimed the lot of them - "adopted", I called it - and am so excited to wear them!  The hat I'm wearing in these photos is from that bunch, and is probably my favourite.  It's dark blue/indigo velvet woven in a basket-y sort of shape, and it's pretty spifftastic, don'tcha think?

These hats, with their musty old-perfume smell, soft textures, and surprisingly strong form all make me think elegance and poise.  This caused me, for one, do use a darker lip colour than usual (I kind of like it, what do you think?), but mostly, to think of the woman to whom these hats used to belong.  I never knew Hannah's great-grandmother, but she seems to have been a woman after my own heart with all these gorgeous hats.  One of the things I love most about vintage pieces is imagining the story behind them.  As I went through the bag of hats for the first time, my writer's brain was conjuring up stories left and right that couldn't be further from the truth, probably, but were fun all the same.  I'll have to write them down and post them one of these days - they consisted of an elephant trainer, a very long train, and a whirl of colour I can't put a name to (but would have to, if I ever wanted to write it out).  Sort of like the reflection the sun makes on my camera lens in the photographs above, only swirling.  There.

Third, and possibly, except not, more joyous than the hats, is the giant bowl of cherries I am slowly but steadily devouring at the moment.  I figured I deserved something cold after outfit photos out in the heat (I was sweating just standing in front of the camera - that sort of weather should be abolished!), and my little spill on the grass... I may or may not have sprained my wrist - it could have just been a shock or something.  Oh well, I'll have my mum check it out when she gets home - she's a doctor, and a lovely one at that!


PS - Oh, there's one more thing that made me super happy!  It's also the cause of this post having so, so, so many photos today.  I finally found the sunlight I was looking for!  I just about jumped for joy, but stopped myself.  And even though I didn't literally jump, I still managed to fall and hurt myself!

PPS - I typed this all with one hand.  Oh yeah.  Skill, baby, skill.


  1. Ah. Your face. :)

    ANYWAY - you know how much I love this and how much I loved the purple/maybe velvet? hat you had in your stash. You're going to have to get a shot of it and then a shot of me with it. For comparison, you see.

    Yeah. Maybe I should finish culminating once and for all now. :)

  2. Aw, thanks dearie! When you come over for another photoshoot, we've definitely got to play with hats :)

    Go! Work! Don't procrastinate!
    Except, you're already done, so.... :)

  3. Shayliiiii! You managed to find my very favorite sunlight, damn you! The photos look incredible. So do you. So does the hat, ooooh the hat. So gorgeous! I must say your friend Hannah is crazy to give them up, but hey, her loss, your gain. ;)

    There's so much I could write about this beautiful post but I really have to get something to eat, haha. So let's just say that you look adorable and that I really hope there's nothing seriously wrong with your wrist. Excellent one hand-typing, by the way!

    Much love,

  4. You are LOVELY! And what lovely prose you write! And how jealous am I of your bag of hats! (though they are probably better off with you as I am such a hat buyer non wearer because my hair looks so great and why would I wreck it with a hat, person).

    But yes! LOVE your blog, must follow.

    heart: Kimberellie

  5. Annika: Bwahahaha, I did steal your sunlight! Though I'm completely at a loss as to how you can make it non-pink in your photos. I'm glad I had some pink in my outfit, because otherwise I feel like it's just adding random colours to the photo, haha. And yes, I greatly appreciate Hannah's lack of hat-love :)

    Thank you so much! I'm pretty sure my hand was just twisted a bit, because I'm back to one-handed typing today! <3

    Kimberellie: Thank you a million times! I'm starting to feel like I should lock my hats in a safe to keep them from the hands of the blogging world, haha.

    Also, you DO have super cute hair! I love your blog :)

  6. You are ever so beautiful :D

  7. You are ever so gorgeous yourself :)


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