Tuesday, 10 May 2011


This is me, upon realizing I was taking outfit photos rather than studying for my impending exams!

Cayenne, our rooster!  Huh, "cayenne" doesn't look too masculine when it's spelled out, does it?

Eggy!  Original name, isn't it?  She's my favourite - she lays green eggs!  :)

outfit details:
dress - Kohl's
bolero - thrifted, maybe?  I forget.
tights - Target
belt - Kohl's
heels - Nine West

I am quite exhausted today!!  Mucho exam stress + that bad habit of NOT STUDYING + procrastination on fashion blogs and taking outfit photos = multiple freak-attacks the morning of the exam.... before, of course, I discovered that in reality, the exam was super duper easy!

Hah, there we go.  Jinxed myself.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaay to go, Shayli!

So... I think you ought to forgive me for a short post today, because there are pictures of chickens!  Chickens!  Aren't they cute??  I wish they were still chicks, since it's springtime and all, and that would be super fitting and adorable... ahem, minus the pooey mess that chicks actually make, haha!

So at that, I will leave you - I'm off to search through the pantry to find some delicious food item (that I can eat, meh: it's day 15 of my sugar-dairy-wheat-free-ness :P) to comfort my exhausted brain!

I hope you all have had a slightly less stressful day than I :)


PS - Next Wednesday, I am buying myself a cupcake.  Only a week left!  :D

PPS - In case you didn't know (I had to Google it, myself!), "CMYK" refers to the four main colours of printing: cyan, magenta, yellow, and "key" (black).  I think my outfit has all those colours, and as for black, well, my hair is close enough!


  1. I love those tights!



  2. Even back then, you were becoming obsessed with chairs xD


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