Wednesday, 18 May 2011

lovely promise.

outfit photos:
blue silk shirt - gift from my mum (well, stolen out of her closet!)
white tiered dress (worn as a skirt) - Charlotte Russe
brown woven belt - Kohl's
pink Converse - DSW

What I love most of all about spring is its spontaneity.  Sunny one moment, torrential downpours the next - it may not be great for my clothes, but I absolutely adore it!

Speaking of torrential downpours, it began to thunderstorm a little ways into my outfit photos.  In order to protect my camera equipment and myself, I ran inside as quickly as possible, and that is why I don't have as many photos as usual - sorry!  

Another thing I love about spring is the plants.  Now, I'm no gardener, but I love to see crocuses pushing through the soil when the first warm breezes come through in March, and the flowers on the trees turn from tiny, pale buds to cotton-candy-like bursts hanging from branches.  As I was searching for a place to shoot today's outfit, I noticed that all around our  back gate is a patch of wild strawberries!  The little strawberries are itty bitty, maybe a centemetre long at most, and are generally flavourless, but still.  So, so, so adorable.  I was going to take a few photos for you to see their absolute adorableness, but alas, that darn rain!

I'm really excited for the grape vines (that I'm standing in front of in these photos) to bear fruit this year!  As a matter of fact, they were covered in grapes last year, but not for long - the birds ate them all!  This year, however, my mum and I are going to spread netting over them so the birds won't get to the grapes, and we'll have some to enjoy ourselves :)

On Friday I have one of my last exams, so I may not have time to update this week.  Then again, I may very well use outfit photos as a procrastination technique!  After all, psh, who needs studying?  Hah.  I scoff.



PS - The blue of my shirt is the exact same shade of blue I wore for my Tall Alice costume in Alice in Wonderland.  Whenever I'd catch a glimpse of my outfit today, I'd think to myself, "Am I wearing my costume!?"  Oh, theatre, how you mess with my mind!

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