Friday, 27 May 2011

oh, the weather outside is frightful, but what the hell, i love the rain.

Oh my, does that sign say "No Trespassing"?  Erm...

outfit details:
black dress - Kohl's
striped shirt - Converse One Star for Target
red belt - Kohl's
heels - Mudd, Famous Footwear

First off, sorry for the suck-tastic pictures today, folks.  I could literally hear the thunder approaching (sounding like gunfire) while I was posing for the camera, and as soon as I stepped inside (I kid you not!), a torrential-ly torrential burst of rain came pouring down.  It's lightened up a bit since, but the world (as far as my eyes can see it, at least) is still humid and gray and rainy.

My first thought?  It's a really good thing we don't have a massive hole in our living room wall any-more!

I am so very relieved it is Friday.  Even though I stayed home sick on Monday, which really should have made the school week feel shorter, this week has seemed ridiculously long.  Only nine more days til school lets out for summer though, which is quite exciting.  Also, I got my hair cut - or dyed the tips invisible, whichever you prefer - this afternoon, which I've been looking forward to for several weeks.  I had to reschedule the appointment at least three times, but it finally happened!  My hair now ends a little past my shoulders, as you can (hopefully) see in the photos, and the layers have been spruced up a bit.  It's such a relief to have a lot of the length (and therefore the weight) taken off in time for the heat and humidity of summer.  Alas, the struggles of curly haired-ness!  Do you have troubles with your hair in summer weather?  How do you control the frizziness or flatness that comes with humidity?

Before the deluge this evening, and after my haircut, my mum and I (and my little[ish] brother, much to his dismay) went thrifting at the local Goodwill.  While not the most chic place to find clothes, I usually can find neat things to modify or play around with!  I was specifically searching for a denim jacket to modify into a vest, but apparently it's impossible for someone to donate denim without it having been embroidered to death with flowers or children (yes, children!) or American flags.  Huh.  I did find a pretty good haul of things, though, including two Polaroid cameras (a land camera and a one step), a polka-dot dressing gown, a silver cream and sugar set, and what is possibly the most outrageous sweater ever.  Something along the lines of this tree-cozy, only for people.  Definitely wearing it when the temperatures drop a bit!

Ooh, the rain's mostly stopped and the sky is a mix between blue-gray and yellow.  How strange!

Now it's time to see if 1) I can find film for the Polaroids, and 2) to see if they even work.  I'm super excited my family of cameras is growing!  :)



  1. Ooooh! Want the shoes.... and the dress.... and the belt.... and the shirt.... :)


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