Sunday, 15 May 2011

pansies, that's for thoughts.

outfit details:
dress - vintage
belt - Kohl's
shoes - Indigo (bought at DSW)
purse - vintage

I am not a morning person.

As anyone who lives with me will tell you, I value sleep quite highly.  I drag myself out of bed at the last possible moment on weekdays, and on the weekends I sleep in a late as possible.  Typical teenager, you might say.  But hey, I like sleep!

This morning, however, I woke up exactly at nine.  Not too amazing, I know you're thinking, but for me, that's like waking up on a Tuesday and jumping out of bed at 5 am saying "I can't wait to go to class today!"  In other words, highly unlikely.  But today, the morning light was streaming in through my windows and I felt rested and ready to go!  Not to mention that I thought I'd overslept and would be late for a choir rehearsal.... no, no, it must have been the beautiful morning sun!  Hahaha....

Today was the first day where there's been that beautiful golden light at dusk that I so, so love.  It was gorgeous, peeking out from behind the mostly-overcast sky!

On a different note, there are only two more days of my not-eating-of-bread-and-sugar!  On Wednesday, I'm treating myself to a cupcake (courtesy of my favourite chef and friend, Johannah)!  I'm super duper excited, because 1) it's a red velvet cupcake! and 2) I'm also getting a haircut that day!  I can't decide how short to make it, but I desperately need my layers re-done and such.  It gets so heavy on hot, humid days!

So that marks the end of my sugar cleanse and longish hair...
...but the beginning of something else!

Starting today, I'm writing a poem a day.  I'm part of a teen writing group, and our challenge for this month is to write one poem every day until our next meeting!  I absolutely adore poetry (as you can see on my poetry/photography blog, here), so this is just my forte.  If you'd like to give me any critiques for poetry, I'd love it!  Or, you know, just stay here and listen to me babble instead :)

Here's to a great week!


ps - "There is rosemary, that's for remembrance: and there is pansies, that's for thoughts."
The title didn't really have anything to do with today's post, but it's from one of my favourite scenes of Hamlet.  Ophelia is kind of awesome when she's crazy... then again, who isn't?


  1. The last photo is beautiful! Well, they all are, but I really like the last one. :)

  2. Thank you! The last one was my favourite as well :)


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