Friday, 20 May 2011

stripes and strawberries.

outfit details:
dress - Kohl's
blouse - American Eagle
shoes - Nine West
necklace - Kohl's, maybe?

1. This outfit is insanely comfortable.

2. But not so much fun to run in.

3. There was a spider in my garden, and it was pretty.

4. Look!  A wild strawberry!  Or, dare I say, two!?  I told you I'd post photos :)

5. There was a giant hole in my living room wall while we had a faulty window replaced.  It was pretty freakin' awesome.

6. They wouldn't let me climb the scaffolding, though :(

7. I have a Time Turner necklace (Harry Potter, for any non-nerdy folk), and it makes me happy.

8.  I am very tired.  Goodnight!



  1. Darling, that spider web photo is just incredible! You're such a talented photographer. And an adorable (and amazingly pretty) person. And the owner of a Time Turner necklace. Which sort of makes me hate you and envy you equally. (Hate in a good way, obviously.)


  2. the outfit is insanely cute :) the necklace is... ok..i want it! as for the spider web photo, indeed incredible..:)

  3. Annika, thank you so much! Photography is my passion, so I try. And believe me, if I had Hufflepuff's magical multiplying cup-thing, I'd definitely make you a Time Turner of your own <3

    Christina, thanks a million! I'm going to have to tuck this necklace into a safe place now, haha!


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