Saturday, 28 May 2011

summer of love, or something.

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On this most overcast of Saturdays, I've done nothing but lounge around in my (new, yay!) pyjamas, do housework - okay, so I suppose that's not really "lounging" - and schoolwork, and daydream of summer awesomeness.  I know I've made it clear that I'm not a huge fan of summer, but what I am a fan of is the freedom that summer gives us poor students to take off and do anything we want, because there's no class to worry about and we absolutely must empty our brains before September!

Well, I don't actually agree with that last statement, but I do love vacation.  Especially road trips.

I've never taken a road trip, but in my imagination, they're full of days where the sun never loses its dusky golden glow, and you have a fun and maybe slightly unreliable car that putters around on dusty roads without another car in sight.  You and your friends drive for days in the empty desert, witness amazing sunsets, cook out in the open, meet interesting new people, stop at dinky little diners and shops, and stay at bed & breakfasts and/or shabby hotels.  But best of all, you get to wear fun clothes that you wouldn't be able to at school!  Crop tops, sleeveless shirts and dresses, crazy heels, shades all day?  You betcha.

Roadtrips, to me, embody the free-spirited, bohemian, 70's sort of ideal that is prevalent this season in both the fashion world, and in everyone's desire for hope and a confirmation that the world doesn't completely suck.

What are you planning to do this summer?  Unfortunately for me, I'm not going on a super groovy road trip, but I am going to a camp with my friends, and another one with my dear darling little brother.  Not the most exciting thing, I know, but I'm avoiding big vacations this summer in order to save up for a possible trip to Europe next summer.  Huzzah!


PS - Yes, in my mind, all road trips have Simon and Garfunkel playing in the background.  Constantly.


  1. I was tempted to like this on facebook - but I think a love button was more appropriate.

    When we graduate, before we go off to college - we need to get all the girls together and do this.

    I am holding you to that, no matter what, so prepare yourself.

  2. I quite enjoy this idea, Jena! Always prepared :)

  3. These photos are so inspirational! thank you !

    love from

  4. I'm glad they could inspire you as they do me. And thank you, for stopping by my blog! :)

  5. Love these pictures! I went on a road trip this weekend to Las Vegas and some of the pictures look very similar!

    Check out my blog when you get a chance!


  6. Thanks, Jessica! I'm so jealous of your road trip-ingness. And your blog is super chic!

  7. Love these photos! I want a pink suitcase now!
    I'm afraid I'm not going on a road trip, but I'm hoping to get a good deal on a lastminute holiday with my two best friends :)

  8. Thank you! Haha I've always loved vintage suitcases :)

    Any holiday with friends is wonderful - I hope you have a marvelous time!


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