Friday, 13 May 2011

the thirteenth.

outfit details:
striped sweater - Gap (stolen from my little brother!)
shorts - Kohl's
tights - Target
boots - Kohl's
strand of pearls - local boutique(?)

So, hey, today is Friday the 13th, in case you hadn't heard.

Also, according to people who apparently don't live under a rock like me (or who watch horror movies, one or another...), my sweater looks like Freddy Kreuger's.


Unfortunately, I actually wore this outfit on Wednesday, being the ignorant, non-horror-movie-watching person I am.  If I'd have known, I would have saved it for today (maybe)!  Oh well.... 

I apologise for the super dark dark darkness of these photos - I was trying to wait for that gorgeous gold light around dusk, but apparently the cloud cover of this past week makes that non-existent.  Phooey!

Clouds, clouds, go away!  I want cool weather, but sunshine, too!

This week has been ridiculously hectic and fun!  I'm petsitting for a friend of my family's, and today was my first day meeting her animals.  It was so much fun - she has dogs, cats, parrots, chickens, and goats!  And honeybees, but those, well, I just try not to think about them much.  The goats are the cutest creatures ever!  They're ridiculously friendly and like to follow me around while I feed all the other animals, too.  If I wasn't so in love with travelling, I'd definitely have a couple of goats :)

This weekend, I'm off to do a lot of writing, babysitting, and more petsitting, too!  If I'm lucky, maybe I'll fit in some studying for my remaining exams, too....

I've got another set of outfit photos - yesterday's - ready to post, but I think I'll put them up sometimes this weekend.  I would have posted them yesterday, but Blogger had to be mean and be down for maintenance :P  Ah, well!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!



  1. :D I loved the sweater. Your brother doesn't need it. Just snatch it.

  2. Thanks, Jena! He told me the sweater looked like something he used to have, and I just hummed innocently and walked away xD


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