Monday, 30 May 2011

where are you going? i don't know.

outfit details:
skirt-worn-as-a-dress - I honestly don't remember
sequined flats - Nine West
belt - Coldwater Creek, stolen borrowed from my mum

Happy Memorial Day,  readers in the US!

Today's outfit photos are actually from yesterday.  My mum and I spent the majority of the day doing housework, so we decided to treat ourselves in the evening and go out for dinner and a movie (Pirates of the Carob Bean 4... Hey, don't judge me, it's fun to say it like that!  Okay, fine, Caribbean.  Happy?).  The movie was really good, and the Italian restaurant we went to before the show had such delicious chocolate chip bread pudding!  That took the place of popcorn at the movies for me!

Despite the fun night out, however, I have to confess I'm not entirely comfortable with these photos.  I love this skirt/dress, with its summery, bohemian vibe, but the straplessness I rather resent.  They don't exactly make my arms look.... well, as fit as they could.  Granted, I have very little arm strength to begin with, so it's not as if I have super strong arms.  But they usually look better than that, I think.  Sigh, insecurities....

I guess that gives me an entryway into my goal of being more honest on my blog, though.

While I love to read pretty much any blog that includes good fashion and decent writing, I always appreciate the bloggers who make the extra effort to talk about things that really matter, and not just say "Hey, look how cute my skirt is!  Okay, bye!"  Believe me, I have nothing against anyone who'd rather focus on purely the fashion side of things, but I myself find it more enjoyable to read people's honest opinions and ponderings about life, love, happiness, whatever.  Bloggers who let us know their take on things and don't hold back stories or opinions have inspired me, and I'm aiming, as a new month approaches, and the summer gives me more time to focus on blogging and the like, to be more honest on my blog about what I'm thinking and what my opinions are (with the intentions of just giving my thoughts, and not offending anyone if I can help it).

That said, I can't promise every post will be deep and philosophical.  I love gushing about shoes just as much as the next blogger!

Cheers, and here's to honesty!

PS - You can see my haircut a bit more clearly here than in the last outfit post.  What do you think?  I'm liking it a bit shorter for the summer.


  1. That dress is really awesome. It's kinda of gypsy like.

    And I'm glad you've decided to encompass a more personal side to your blog. I think it does make more interesting to read and certain thoughts and feelings can affect how you're styling yourself.

    Anyways, I just subscribed to this blog today. I think it's great so far!


  2. United in our lack of upper body strength! :D

    I love you Shay - and let me say, you are so stunning. Loved this a skirt - love it as a dress.

    Looking forward to these new posts - I'll try to come up with some more profound comments too, maybe. Or maybe I'll just gush at you. :)

  3. Bridget, thanks for following! My mentality before was, "Just be uppity and happy and babble," but I agree that being more honest adds just that extra level of connection, so I'm going to open myself up, haha!

    Huzzah, Jena! I love you too, and am very much looking forward to your profound comments <3


  5. Love the skirt!
    I'm green with envy 4 your hair: I'm in my bad hair century...

  6. Haley! I hadn't noticed! Hahaha :)

    Thank you, Serena! Haha I'm hoping I can manage the shortness without it turning into a ball of fuzz this summer.

  7. lovely dear!! so glad you found me so I could also find YOU!

    love, polly :D

  8. Aw, thanks, Polly! Finding is good :)


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