Thursday, 26 May 2011

where does the sun go when we need it most?

outfit details:
dress - Charlotte Russe
denim shirt - Kohl's (?)
floral flats - Sarah & Libby, DSW
necklace - vintage

The one thing I dislike about summertime is the length of the days.  "What?" I can hear you protesting, "You don't think it's great that we have so much more time to do summery things!?"  Well, for one, I'm not generally a fan of summer to begin with, but I can appreciate what it brings and all - flowers, fruit, butterflies, colour...  However, the long days mean I have to wait for forever for the sun to start setting!  Dusk is my favourite time to take outfit photographs because of the gorgeous light, but during the summertime that light is only found around 8 o'clock and disappears quickly.

I'd rather be in my pyjamas with a book and a cup of tea at 8 o'clock, anyways.

Other than being exhausted mentally (from exams) and physically (sicky sick sick), nothing is really new in Shayli-Land, so I'd like to take the time to introduce you to my favourite new blogger:  Annika, of According to Annika.  She's a Swedish journalist who blogs about fashion and the awesome things in life.  She also has two adorable cats, and a love of tea fit to rival my own!  Check out her blog if you like.

My mum just brought home fresh mozzarella for us to make matzo pizza, so I'm off to delve into that realm of deliciousness!



  1. Pizza? Jealousy! Love the photos too. :)

  2. Absolutely! It was most delightful :)
    Thanks a bunch!


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