Tuesday, 28 June 2011

"don't take pictures with your panties hanging out."

I feel like this doesn't look like me at all!  It's the exact same photo as above, but
with a slightly different smile, that's all.  Weeeeeeeird!

outfit details:
grey blouse - Self Esteem, Kohl's
linen shorts and belt - Apt. 9 for Kohl's
boots - Steve Madden
fedora - American Eagle
pop top bracelet - self-made
dark lipstick - it's actually burgundy lip liner with Burt's Bees lip balm layered over it :)

Today, I was working in my parents' office (they're both chiropractors and acupuncturists - I was filing insurance papers.  Oooh, exciting!) and reading fashion blogs to pass the time as I scanned documents.  I began to think about the shoes I was head-over-heels in love with yesterday, wondering if I'd still love them if I hadn't seen them on a blog I admire.  Which, of course, spiralled into:

How do fashion blogs impact our attitudes towards consumerism?  As a blogger, I use clothes to reflect my personality and mood on a certain day.  Sometimes I want to be ignored, to have people's eyes pass right over me.  Other times, I'm looking to shock and make people stare.  But I'm always putting a little bit of myself into my style.  Often, when I'm reading fashion blogs, I find myself becoming caught up in the idea - subconscious or not - that if I had the same clothes as Jane/Coury/Annika/Jena/insert-fashionable-blogger's-name-here, I would look as fabulous as they do.  It's a common trap that companies use to sell clothes and other merchandise, and here I am falling into it when I'm not even being sold anything!

As one person said in a comment on this Chictopia post, there's a difference between fashion and style.  Fashion is made up of clothes, shoes, accessories, or anything you buy.  It can only get you so far.  Style goes further; it's something internal, a sense, that you can hone and develop and maintain no matter your location, size, price range, whatever perceived limitations you might have.  I wholeheartedly agree with this idea, and I'm really glad I had it spelled out for me yesterday.  It helped me tone down my shoe lust, and think.  Yes, the shoes are gorgeous (and horrendously expensive, ahh!), but all the fashionable shoes in the world won't give me the style of another person, however much I might admire it.

The only thing to do is continue to develop my own style, using pieces which make me happy, and which I can afford.  Though that's not to say I can't splurge once in a while - I mean, come on!  It's shoe loooooove!!


PS - The title of this post is the advice my grandmother gave me today.  It made me laugh, and I suppose it's also something good to keep in mind!  Haha, I love her.


  1. I adore the lipliner, love :) Parfait pour Bellatrix!

    I was going to ask you if the title was something your grandmother said but you put it in the P.S!

    Anyways, you are gorgeous and I worship your brilliance and style :D

  2. Thank you, dahling! And hahaha of course it's something my grandma would say :)

    I worship your *face*, so there! :D

  3. The second to last picture of you makes me think, "It's a crystal...nothing more"

  4. Haha yes! Hidden Labyrinth references!


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