Monday, 13 June 2011

happiness is. . .

Happiness is a mini-bagel with cream cheese and sweet, dark cherries. . .

. . .washed down with raspberry lemonade. . .

. . .and my favourite tea in the world, Good Earth, in a whale mug (!). . .

. . .all together in a pretty spread to photograph.

Happiness is a quote on the end of my tea bag. . .

. . .and a really good book to read while eating. . .

. . .being careful not to get food on its pretty white pages!

Happiness is the tiny purple pansies blooming just outside the screened-in porch. . .

. . .and a whole bed of them on the deck railing!

Happiness is watching Shadepaw stare at the birds outside. . .

. . .and lick her nose in an adorable way :)

And, of course, happiness is being able to share it all with you, my lovely readers!

Today is the first week-day of summer.  In celebration, I cleaned up the small mess left over from the party I hosted last night (it only took ten minutes - best party clean up ever!) and treated myself to a super-relaxing breakfast.  I rarely eat breakfast - bad, I know, but I never have time, or at least, that's my excuse - so this was an experience to be documented!

I'm still in my pyjamas, revelling in the fact that I don't have to go to school today, or tomorrow, or the rest of the summer (!) and I feel so relaxed.  The past few days have been rushing from one place to another, never stopping, and constantly being surrounded by people.  People I love dearly, but all the same, it's somewhat a relief to have some time to myself.  The house is quiet - I'm pretty sure my brother is still sleeping - and I can read, eat, and enjoy the gorgeous weather in peace :)

How are you spending your summer?  Relaxing?  Adventuring?  Something in between?



  1. Have a fantastic summer! The weather looks perfect for such a relaxing day. I rarely eat breakfast too, but I could eat cherries anytime.

  2. AnnaBananaCupcake - Thank you! Mmm, cherries are my favourite :)

    Kirstyb - Isn't it just the best?


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