Monday, 27 June 2011

head over heels...

I hear thunder....

outfit details:
t-shirt - American Eagle
shorts - Elle for Kohl's
belt - Kohl's
(k)nut bracelet - made by moi!  (tutorial found here)
...I always differentiate between food nuts and hardware nuts by putting a mental "k" in front of the hardware ones.  And because I'm a massive Harry Potter nerd.  Or something.

Disclaimer: This post focuses very little on my boring outfit (thank goodness) and very much on the shoes in the last photo [photo credit].  Much complaining and sighing is about to ensue.

I think I have a shoe crush.  No - more than a shoe crush: I'm in love with these Miu Miu ankle boots.  I feel bad and slightly stupid about it, but hey, I don't own many high quality pieces of clothing.  I have a lot of nice jewelry and some great vintage pieces, but other than that, the majority of my clothes are from Kohl's or Target, maybe American Eagle.  Forever 21 if I'm lucky.  That's due to 1) the area that I live in, 2) the fact that my mother is a Kohl's woman through and through, and 3) the rest of my family not loving clothes as much as I do.

Therefore, I feel alternately extremely selfish, and somewhat entitled to own something really nice, that I'd be proud to pass down to my kids or something.

Sorry about the complain-y post, it's just... rrrrrr.  Greedy, selfish, foolish child!

I'll stop now.



  1. There's nothing wrong with that. I don't own a lot/any high quality items.
    I'm sure when you head to uni, you'll be able to get some things, though it's a bit far off!


  2. Too far off, sigh! Haha but thanks, I had a mini-spaz attack after I posted this, because I think I sound rather unfortunately like a spoiled child. But perhaps I'll save up and buy myself a treat, who knows? :)


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