Saturday, 18 June 2011

is it possible that all this magic went unnoticed?

Greetings, Monsieur Mario!

Mario gave Haley this amazing book of essays on the Hunger Games series.

Mommy dinosaur talking to her baby dinosaur!  Awwwh :)

Okay, so I added the teeth... but still!  How cute is that?

Emily has sparkly nails :D

Just like the commercials!

We're so cool, we recycle our backgrounds.

Some pleasant word-magnet poetry...

We had vouchers for free books, and couldn't decide what to pick!

Mario gave me this hand-made clay flower piece!  So pretty :)

As if I need any more books, right?  :)

And some ancient ones, too!

This one was freeeeee!

And poor Gulliver's had a mysterious hole in the back cover...

The Arabian Nights had inside of it an airport parking lot receipt and a teeny photo of a mysterious woman!

Ooooooooh, aaaaaaaah!  My grandmother's gift to my mum - guess who's going to be borrowing this a lot?
outfit details:
see this post :)

Every time I visit the city's downtown area, I am reminded that there is an element of awesomeness in this small town!  I happen to live out in the country, outside of the city - or even suburbia - so perhaps my complaints of living out in the middle of nowhere have some truth to them.  But I can never whole-heartedly say I can't wait to get out of this town, because the downtown always manages to make me smile and love the area where I live, even if just a teeny bit.

When I'm not downtown, however, I will freely and frequently complain.  Just a warning.

My grandparents are here (I don't remember if I mentioned that before...) all the way from Florida, and life is good!  My grandmother gave my mum a Coach bag, but the only photo I took of it that actually turned out nicely is the last one in the above stream of photos, so I'll either take more photos later or just show you when I steal borrow it for an outfit :)

Have a loverly weekend!



  1. The books!!! the PICTURE!!! aaaaah great photos my dear. Keep it up!!

    What book store were you at? I'd love to raid it sometime...

    Hope you are having a wonderful summer. <3

  2. Aw, thanks, Lisa dear!

    First we went to Griffin (just the magnet photos), then Riverby (up until the "enemy" poster), and lastly Read All Over (beginning with the poster). I got the Philip Pullman box set at Griffin and the other books at Read All Over for super duper cheap!

  3. Hey, I see me! That, right there, that was me! Oh and I took that picture! Woot, I loves your blog, dearie!

  4. Woah, look, it is you there! :D


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