Tuesday, 21 June 2011

lit by a light that isn't even the moon.

Turquoise nails + remote shutter release = <3

outfit details:
t-shirt (it's the Germany one!) - thrifted
silk skirt - hand-me-down from a friend
skinny black belt - Kohl's
black pumps - Kohl's, maybe?

Today's post focuses less on the musings of my brain and more on the excitement that is three things!  Or maybe four, I haven't decided yet.

Let's start at the very beginning!  (A very good place to start...)  My dad's friend is a bit of a camera connoisseur, and is always recommending equipment and such.  It's nice to know someone who's really knowledgeable about cameras, especially because I hope to one day earn my living with them.  The other day, he stopped by to watch sports with my dad, and gave me a remote control for my dad's Canon SLR!  Technically he didn't give it to me - it's his, but he hardly ever uses it, so I'm borrowing it indefinitely.  This is super exciting because it means I don't have to set the self-timer and then run in front of the camera, set, run, set, run, repeat.  And the most exciting bit is: the camera focuses automatically!  My camera (isn't an SLR, for one, though it's about as close as you can get) forces me to just do a sort of general focus and then jump in front, hoping I won't be too blurred.  But this was just about the coolest thing on the planet!

Today, my grandmother needed some hair spray and I needed to pick up a new SD card, so we stopped by CVS pharmacy and (of course) came home with way more than we needed - including new nail polish!  The polish I'm wearing in these photos is a turquoise-y colour, and it's called "Turquoise & Caicos" from Essie.  I absolutely adore Essie polishes!  And painting my nails today felt extra special because lately I've bitten my nails into stubs (as you can probably see) and they've felt ugly and sad... but now that they're turquoise, I'll not bite them for one, and two, they'll be pretty and un-sad!  Hurrah!

The fact that today's outfit is mostly thrifted/hand-me-down makes me happy - the whole thing, excluding the belt and shoes, probably cost me $3?  And I got quite a few compliments walking around downtown, which doesn't hurt ;)  The only downside to the skirt is that it's 100% silk, and so it wrinkles horribly!  I ironed it this morning, and, well, you can see how it turned out at the end of the day.  Still, it's fun and pink, so it was worth it.

Finally, at long last, I am going shopping!  Shopping that is not thrift shopping, nor is it scavenging in my friends' closets, nor borrowing things from my mum - no, this is real shopping, guys, for realsies!  Good grief, I can't believe I just said that...  Anyhow, my mum and I are driving up north to go to the closest outlet mall (which is still an hour away!!).  There'll be all sorts of fun stuff, like Forever 21, H&M, Nordstrom (Rack, of course xD), and a ton of other stores that, for the sole purpose of torturing me, refuse to open stores any closer to where I live.  Le sigh...  I'm really really really hoping to try on some Jeffrey Campbells in Nordstrom, and convince my mum that just because they're platforms doesn't make them hooker shoes!  Come on, Mum, everyone on Chictopia is wearing them!



  1. That outfit is adorable! Especially love the shirt.
    And it sounds like you a good day.


  2. Thanks, Bridget! My day *was* pretty great, and I wasn't even bothered by the extreme heat/humidity combination while I was taking these photos! Now that's impressive xD

  3. That's definitely impressive. And the pictures are fab.
    I feel since I'm supposed to be studying weather, I should give you some sort of explanation.
    Oh wait, there was a lot of water vapour in the air.
    And isobars being spread far apart.

  4. Ah, the explanation of my problems! Now I just need to vacuum all those water vapour droplets out of the air, and smoosh the isobars back together :D

  5. LOOOOVE. <3

    Second pic is my favorite.

    But then again... how can I pick just one...

    Pretty color pink! And of course, you are just gorgeous like always. ;)


  6. Thank you thank you, Lisa! <3 <3

  7. I think this skirt is just PERFECT for you :)

    I’m your big fan – your style is really original and I read your blog very often and I just wonder..if we could follow each other.. But even if your answer is “no” I’ll be still your reader <3



  8. Thank you so much! And your blog is positively darling - of course I'd be happy to follow! :)


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