Thursday, 9 June 2011

one hundred eleven.

IIIIIIIIIIIIntroducing, a super speedy blog post to tell you about my thrift finds!  I was quite excited.  The photo above shows the gorgeous green hat I bought at Goodwill.  I'm usually not quite that pale - there was lots of light streaming in through the window!

This tunic-type piece was layered over a long dress with a pleated bottom (rather strange, though I may use the bottom to make a separate skirt), but I like it just as a tunic over shorts or leggings or something.  I really, reeeeally wish it was just a couple of inches longer so I could wear it as a dress (I absolutely adore the bottom trim!) but alas, it was not to be :P

This was originally a child's denim jacket.  The sleeves went just slightly past my elbows, and it was extremely difficult to move my arms around!  However, arms weren't in this jacket's future, so it was quickly de-sleeved and transformed into a vest.  Notice how I cropped the photo strategically so as to not show my wonderfully coordinated denim vest and shorts?  [/sarcasm]

And, of course, my lovely Germany shirt!  I'm not one for label shirts most of the time, but I thought this was pretty nifty.  I think I say that word too often, "nifty"....  Anyhow, it really is!  Maybe :)

"Germany."  Pretty spiff-tastic, eh?

I almost forgot!  The title of this post is in reference to the fact that when I got into the car this afternoon, the thermometer read: one hundred eleven degrees Fahrenheit.  Oh my goodness.  That's just.... wrong.  So forgive me for looking tired and grumpy in today's photos - by the time I went outside, it was still 98!  But I wanted to share, despite the sticky, awful heat.  See how dedicated I am?  Haha.


PS - I don't usually type in between photos, but I just wanted to keep this quick and organized so I can go to bed :P  It won't happen again!  Unless you like it better this way.... what do you think?


  1. That hat is amazing!
    It's up to you about the posting. Do whatever feels best for the moment.
    Sometimes pictures need captions and sometimes they don't.

  2. Thanks, Bridget!
    I agree - I think for posts where individual photos are being talked about, I like the caption bit better. But when it's a general outfit post, I prefer having all my writing in one place :)

  3. You are freakin' gorgeous. That hat is so amazing!


  4. Aw, thank you so much Em! <3


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