Thursday, 16 June 2011

orange is in the eye of the beholder.

No, it can't be... orange!?

Whew, no worries.  not orange.  Not really.

I never could figure out what that says... Breton?  Maybe?  Who knows.

It isn't orange, it's not, I swear!  Okay, so maybe a teensy bit, in certain light, but no.  Not my Erik!  Not orange.

Shut up.  Yes, my violin has a name, and that is Erik.  Now stop laughing!

[It's in reference to the fantastical musical genius from The Phantom of the Opera, in case you were wondering.]

Anyhow, I got dressed only so I'd look presentable when my grandparents arrived (they're visiting for a whole month, huzzah!), and spent the rest of the day in my pyjamas... Lazy, lazy Shayli!  But tomorrow I have a spifftastic outfit planned out because I'm going down-town with some friends.  A break in the monotony of summer - hallelujah!


PS - I mentioned my violin in this post, so that's why there are pictures and whatnot.  Just thought you'd like to be introduced to the subject of my ramblings :)

PPS - I wish I had more interesting musings on music - musings on music, d'you like that? - or something, but I'm really quite exhausted.  I know that's no excuse, but I only get to see my grandparents once a year at most, so I consider that something slightly more important to put my energy towards.  Still, no excuse!  I promise (sorta) to have something (maybe) interesting (perhaps) to say tomorrow.

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