Wednesday, 8 June 2011

red lips, and that's about it.

outfit details:
graphic tank - Kohl's
shorts - thrifted jeans that I cut up :)
zebra socks - stolen from my mum
heels - Nine West

First of all: my zebra socks.  They make me happy, no matter how tacky they are!  Plus, aren't heels-with-socks "in" right now?  Okay, okay, so I actually just needed a statement heel but am currently searching for one and this was my substitute.  But still!  It makes a statement, doesn't it?  Not sure what kind, though....

"Shayli, you really need to get away from that stump."  Hey, now.  This stump and I have a connection.  Er, not really.  But this is where I've found the best light at sunset (ah, love that light, so no, I'm never going to shut up about it!  Bwahaha!), so until I find another place with good lighting (I'm searching, I promise!), I'll probably stick with the stump....  Haha, geddit, "stick" with the "stump"?  That was a horrible pun.  Sorry.

My best friend Haley and I went thrifting today!  [Haley doesn't have a fashion blog, but you can find her amazing writings here!]  We only had a half-day of school (lucky Haley had no exams today, actually, so she got to stay home :P) so we went out to lunch and then ran across the street to the local Goodwill.  People tend to give me a certain look when I say I shop at Goodwill, but I try to brush it off.  Because, for one, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shopping at a thrift store.  I don't have bottomless pockets, and I prefer to purchase more trendy items or pieces I'll modify at a cheaper price, and spend more money buying quality classic pieces that will last.  Which, ahem, I tend not to do too often.  Maybe I should hitch a ride with Jena the next time she drives an hour to the nearest outlets!  Anyways.  You can find fantastic things at thrift shops, if you dig deep enough.  Haley snagged a Barbara Streisand record for only a couple dollars, and I found the coolest vintage hat for super cheap as well!  I also bought a child's denim jacket that I plan to de-sleeve and wear as a vest (oh, come on, everyone needs a tacky 90's vest!), and a strange dress-top-skirt combination thing that I'm going to make into a skirt and a separate tunic-top-thing.  And a German shirt!  Yep, it says "Germany" on it.  I'm just.... so cool.

I'll hopefully post my finds tomorrow!  Modified, if I'm not too lazy.  I've been taking it easy with outfits this week, partially because there are exams and half days and just an air of general laziness, and also (mostly) because it's been in the 90's ALL WEEK!  Ridiculous.  It was up to 102 degrees today, which is just cruelty.  Thank goodness for tanks and cutoffs.

I'm glad you all enjoyed my ramblings from yesterday, and I'm super excited for summer adventures to start!

PS - I had something else to say, but I forgot.  Gah.

PPS - Remember my road trip inspiration post from a while ago?  This one?  Yeah, Haley and I occupied ourselves after thrifting by planning out a trip north that will take place in two years.  If we ever remember.  Yes, that's how badly we need a road trip!  Plus, she agrees with me about Simon and Garfunkel :)


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