Monday, 20 June 2011

peace pant pyjama party.

"outfit" details:
Beatles Abbey Road shirt - Target
peace pants - Kohl's

My little cousin stayed with us this weekend while his parents celebrated their anniversary, so we had a blast!  He really isn't "little" any more - he'll be starting middle school this fall, which I just can't comprehend!  We used my dad's new iMovie software to make a short video to Simon & Garfunkel music, and afterwards had a "pyjama party", as mandated and directed by him.  I wore my fuzzy peace sign pants and Abbey Road shirt (I guess I was channelling my inner hippy?  Wait, that hippy isn't really internal, haha!) and we made popcorn and read A Series of Unfortunate Events book seven, The Vile Village.  I love that he's growing up reading all the books I loved when I was his age :)

This is the little video we made together... afterwards, he was so excited to make several more, but I was exhausted from the editing!



  1. Looks like you had fun making the little movie together :)I love it when he dances with the teddy bear :P

  2. We did! And thank you for watching the video - he'll be so excited that someone he doesn't know has seen it! xD


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