Sunday, 19 June 2011

she has a hungry brain and an empty notebook.

Oh my, a new stump!  In fact, it looks like a whole graveyard of stumps!  (We had to clear out a bunch of trees.)

outfit details:
dress - Target
vest - thrifted and modified
booties - Elle for Kohl's
poor-quality photos - courtesy of a depressing, overcast day :P

Brain hunger.

Does anyone else experience this?  Last night, I was eating out at a place with unlimited breadsticks (which shall remain nameless).  Even though the breadsticks have approximately the flavour and texture of a dish-washing sponge, I still managed to devour one.  It seemed wrong to eat there without eating a breadstick – after all, I had gorged myself on them when I was a kid!

Once the one breadstick was gone, however, and I’d gone  back to my salad (I really wasn’t very hungry to begin with), the waitress came by.  She asked if we needed anything, and the first thing out of my mouth was, “Breadsticks!”  Once she had brought out a fresh (hah) batch, I took one bite and remembered why I’d only managed the one before.  I set the rest down – ech.  Yet when the waitress came again to ask if there was anything else she could bring us, I forcibly held the word “breadsticks” from coming out of my mouth.  Why?

It’s like the time I was eating waffles by tearing them up and dipping them into a small bowl of syrup.  Once the waffles were gone, I still had a considerable amount of syrup left.  Though I was full, I felt the need to sip the syrup from the bowl.  Though the idea seemed ridiculous, I tried it.  The stickiness and sickly-sweet flavour of the straight syrup were deterrent enough, without giving thought to the fact that I was essentially drinking liquid sugar.  I sipped again.
When I finally pulled myself together, I washed the bowl in the sink, rinsing the syrup down the drain.  “Good riddance.”

Does anyone else experience this “brain hunger”?  No physical hunger, no craving for taste or texture or nutrients, nothing – yet you still feel the desire to eat more.

It is strange, but slightly hilarious – at least, when it came to the pitying looks given to me by the waitress every time I replied “No, thank you, I’m fine” to her various suggestions of dishes she could bring me.  She meant well, but sometimes all you want is a salad.

And, inexplicably, sponge-flavoured breadsticks.


PS - These photos are from a while ago... June fourteenth, to be exact.  I didn't post them before because they're not the greatest quality.  Today, though, I took exactly zero photos of what I wore (which wasn't that impressive, anyways) and it was another gloomy, overcast day.  Bad photos are better than no photos, right?  Well, no, that's debatable. . .


  1. I have that problem all the time - it's why I have to pour things into bowls or I eat the entire bag. Cheetos, Cheerios, Hummus and Crackers...

    And I think your so-called poor quality photos are much better than none at all, because I've missed your posts. :)

  2. Haha, glad I'm not the only one!

    And thank you! I'm planning on photographing today's outfit, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for some good photos :)


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