Sunday, 12 June 2011

thank you for the music.

Oh, right - that weird blue stripe by my neck is my swimsuit!  Yeah.

Haley's bad-ass hair :)
This was my outfit yesterday - I'm getting so lazy now that school's out!  But I like my hair here...
today's outfit details:
striped shirt - Kohl's
cutoff shorts - American Eagle
hair ties on my wrist - you know, because I'm so classy

Haley's outfit details:
teal shirt - Volcom
cutoff shorts - Levi's

yesterday's outfit details:
hippy shirt - music festival
cutoff shorts - American Eagle (lazy lazy lazy)

Yikes!  Lots of outfit detailedness above.  Today, my lovely best friend Haley took my photos in between us cleaning my basement and setting out food for a party I'm throwing tonight for our writing group.  A last hurrah for the year, as it were.  Hurrah!

As you can see, without school to motivate me to actually get dressed in the mornings - and keep me from tying up every single shirt I wear into a crop-top, good grief! - I tend to become, well, lazy.  And laziness is not good!  Though I suppose I could blame it all on the fact that I've been running around this weekend to all sorts of places (the library, Haley's house, a picnic, so much squeezed into one tiny weekend!).  The last photo (of yesterday's outfit) shows my outfit for the picnic, where I successfully escaped swimming, and read several hilarious British comic books.  Fun!  

Haley and I made a video the other day, just of random amusing things, to test out the new iMovie 11 on her computer.  It was lots of fun and all of the ridiculous things are, I suppose I should admit, actual things we say.  I'd beg your forgiveness, but I suppose that's just us!

Our voices aren't actually that high-pitched: iMovie has a spiffy feature that lets you raise and lower the pitch of your voice.  Pretty neat, eh?

I feel like I'm just rambling right now, so I'm going to run down to the basement and make last minute adjustments to the order of chip bowls!  I am SO cool!


PS - I wish I'd worn red lipstick in these photos.  I feel like it would have added to the outfit.... but the fact that I'm probably going to swim tonight would defeat the purpose of make-up.  And make me look like I'd just devoured someone and had their blood all over my face.  Ick!


  1. You look so pretty in these photos :)I love the shorts

  2. Hey, I took those pictures :D :D


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