Thursday, 2 June 2011

things that we don't comprehend.

Jena and I - definitely unplanned!

The view of the sunset and maple silhouettes as I finished taking photos :)
outfit details:
pink tank top - Target
tiered maxi skirt - Kohl's
yellow belt - Kohl's
sandals - Kohl's (again!  It almost sounds like they're paying me to advertise for them...)

They say great minds think alike, so I suppose Jena (of Charming Anachronism) and I must both have great fashion minds, or something.  Despite our protests that our ridiculously similar outfits were NOT planned, people just would not believe us today!  I picked this outfit out in a rush this morning, without consulting anyone except my mum, who was quite unhelpful:

Me: "What should I wear, what should I wear?"
Mum: "I dunno, wear something."

Sooo helpful.  So I threw this on, hoping the bright colour-blocking would distract people from my tiredness as I ran out the door.  And what do you know?  Jena and I burst out laughing when we saw each other, and of course had to take a photo after our last writing group meeting :)  [Yes, the photo of us together is a bit washed out, but the lighting wasn't that good, so forgive our dear photographer, haha!  I suppose it just emphasizes our collective paleness....]

I had a thought today.  Well, actually, I had multiple thoughts today.  They mainly consisted of:

"What are you doing on Saturfriday?"
"I wish I had you as my gym class!"
"Have you seen the... the... the that thing?"

But this was a somewhat more thoughtful thought (wow, did I really just type that?).  I absolutely love how many bloggers write in such an honest fashion about their thoughts and experiences, as I've said before, and I was pondering how I could incorporate that into my blog.  I realized, though, that the majority of bloggers who speak of personal things have already left those experiences in the past, for the most part.  It's a hell of a lot harder to be honest about things that are still going on in your life, or exist in the more recent past.  At the same time, though, blogging has made me a lot bolder than I was before (and I've always been a pretty confident person, at least outwardly).  As our little blogging relationship progresses, I hope I'll find the courage to share my more personal and more recent experiences with you.  I've gotten through many things that have made me stronger in the long run, and I hope to one day live a life without secrets or regrets.

I apologise for being ridiculously vague, but hey, I'm new to this whole honesty thing, remember?

Thank you for listening to me ramble on and encouraging me (directly or indirectly) to be a more honest, confident person, both on my blog and in my life.



  1. Shayli, I often use my blog as a way of processing emotions that I'm experiencing in a current situation in life. I find it very cathartic to get it all out on 'paper'. And it often gives me perspective and clarity that I don't get by just thinking...and thinking...and thinking. Keep it up!

  2. Thanks, Lori! I'm working on it - I do the same through writing, but not always in such a public manner.


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