Sunday, 24 July 2011

back to the place I live.

Oh look!  A lovely webcam photo that accurately sums up how tired and sad I am.  Woo.

Yesterday, I drove home from the summer camp I'd been away at for the past week.  It's called SUUSI, the Southeastern Unitarian Universalist Summer Institute.  Unitarian Universalism is my religion, and if you want an explanation, try Wikipedia.  Sorry, I'm far too tired for lengthy explanations right now.

It's hard to explain to someone who's never been, but SUUSI is a special place.  Imagine having all your family and best friends live far away from you, and having only one week per year to see them and bask in the amazing love that is everywhere.  SUUSI is home to me, and I'll have to wait 356 days in the place where I live before I can go back home.

I just woke up from 16 hours of sleep, which is more than I got in this past week combined.  Do I even look like myself?  I don't think I do, and it's freaking me out.  Hopefully outfit pictures will resume soon - I have to leave the house today, so there's incentive.  For a birthday party!  Birthday parties are fun :)  I'll try not to be too sad there.

Apologies in advance for the masses of photo spam that will be showing up here soon.  Once I've sorted through the approximately five hundred photos I took this week, there will be a crazy long post and most of you will probably be bored.  That's okay.  I enjoy sharing my life on this blog, and when my life includes crazy little amounts of sleep, the most amazing people in the world, and lots and lots of tears, well, I'm not about to exclude that!  Bring on the mass confusion - at least I've forewarned you, haha.

Cheers, and here's to looking progressively less like I just rose from the grave!

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