Sunday, 10 July 2011

don't forget to be awesome.

Hello Mr. Tree, nice to meet you.

Playing with my new camera :)

Kitty likes cardboard :)  His name is Mortimer!  Or Mo, for short.
outfit details:
tunic – thrifted
shorts – Elle for Kohl’s
cameo necklace – vintage
lace-up boots – Elle for Kohl’s

Friday, July 8th, I turned 16.

Life milestone?  Uhm, sure.  But the cake was good - it said "DFTBA," which stands for "Don't Forget To Be Awesome", and my family and friends were fantastic, and I got some amazing presents!

Of course, Shayli, focus on the presents… but seriously!  I’m so excited to tell you – I got a new camera!  It’s a Nikon D5100, the same camera I’ve been coveting for a while now!  I know there’s really no difference between Canon and Nikon, but I’ve always preferred Nikon, just with the way they feel in my hand and the simple way to navigate the menu and such.  So from now on, all my photos will be taken with my new camera and its spiffy Oben tripod!  Except for the ones in this post, because I don't have a remote shutter release thingetty yet, and self-timers are not fun.  So I used my dad's Canon for these photos.  Anyhow.

These photographs are of the outfit I wore on my birthday!  I feel like it's a mix between a fairy tale princess and a 1920's flapper.  What a great combination!  This tunic was part of a dress set I found at Goodwill, but the dress part doesn't look that great.  I think I may turn it into a skirt, if I ever can gather up enough time to sit down and sew, haha.  Light yellow is apparently one of my favourite colours for vintage clothing - I bought a dress a while ago in a similar gorgeous light yellow colour, and I'll probably wear it for prom next year.  So pretty!

I can't wait to get a remote for my camera and show you its spiffy photo-taking abilities!  Haha :)  The photos in the post before this one are all from the Nikon, so take a look at those and, er, revel in my nerdiness!  


PS - I wish I had something more... profound... to say about my sixteenth birthday.  But no.  Maybe I'll come up with something later.  It will probably involve fire and anxiety and possibly frosting.


  1. Been your friend for ten years, never knew Mo had a full name.


  2. That's okay Hay, no one else in my family believes he has a full name. But he does, and it is Mortimer! It hath been decreed!


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