Tuesday, 26 July 2011

everything is ending.

New travel wallet/pencil case!  So cute :)

My trusty (and dusty) kitty wallet.

outfit details:
floral blouse - Forever 21
olive shorts - Elle for Kohl's
sequined flats - Nine West
sun hat - Target
tote bag - Target
camera wallet/pencil case thing - Target
kitty wallet - hand-me-down
nail art - Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Laced Up"
(My mum bought the nail stuff for me while I was at camp - it's really simple and easy to use, but I'm not much of a patterned nail person, so I dunno if I'd use them again.  If that's your thing, though, they're really neat!)

To cheer myself up during my bouts of PSD (Post-SUUSI Depression, which is quite common and can be applied with a little tweaking to any fantastic summer camp experience), I've been listening repeatedly to Chameleon Circuit's second album, Still Got Legs.  Chameleon Circuit plays music about Doctor Who, so when you combine the nerdiness and awesomeness, you end up with something that is bloody brilliant and worth listening to, even if you're not a fan of Doctor Who.  You can listen to the whole album for free, here or here.  My favourite songs off this album are (as referenced in the title) Everything Is Ending, Travelling Man, Teenage Rebel, and wow I just realized how many favourite songs I have on this album, so I'm just going to stop listing and advise you once again to go have a listen!

Maybe it's because my mouth and head are very sore from going to the dentist today, or maybe because I'm typing this post while lying sideways on my bed, but I feel like there's going to be no real plot or connectivity going on today.  But that's okay! 

In preparation for my upcoming two-week camp trip thing next week, my mum and I have been visiting various stores to stock up on things to pack.  Of course, the list of necessary objects included a cute sun hat, a nifty tote bag (I might use this as a bookbag when school starts, even), and the coolest wallet/pencil case combination ever!  I mean, it holds money, pens, and has a camera printed on it!  How groovy is that!?

Hmm, groovy.  We should bring that word back.  Or maybe that's just pain meds and me getting into character for hippy camp, who knows?  Anyway, groovy is a groovy word :)

This new wallet is for travel and/or school purposes only - I'm always afraid of using my regular wallet when I travel, though you'd think the logical thing to fear when losing a wallet is the money and plastic inside of it, not the wallet itself, right?  I never ever ever buy new wallets because the wallet I use every day (and have used for a super long time) is 1) adorable and 2) of immense sentimental value to me, though I'm not really sure why.  It has a kitty on it, though the kitty is fading due to age, and it was given to me by one of my cousins.  I must have been seven or eight at the time, just becoming interested in the idea of carrying money around in a bag "like my mummy!"  I remember talking about wanting a wallet, because she had bought a new one that day and I was feeling down because my mum wouldn't let me buy one too.  She pulled out her old wallet, which had been clipped and chained to her black cargo pants (to prevent thievery?  I have no idea) and offered it to me.  I viewed it as a huge step in growing up, and even though I don't even remember exactly which of my female cousins this "she" I'm referring to is, I still love that little wallet.  

Do you have any objects, random or not, for which you have sentimental feelings?  I'd love to hear your stories!

I suppose I should draw this random post to a close, eh?  I'll be posting photos from SUUSI soon (I planned to do it tonight, but I'm positively out of it) and then disappearing on you - again - this time for two weeks!  Sorry...


PS - Wow, kindly ignore those horrid dark circles under my eyes.  That's sleep deprivation for ya, kids.  Take note.

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