Sunday, 3 July 2011

in which there is a national holiday and delay in posting.

outfit details:
sequined top - Kohl's
shorts - Elle for Kohl's
belt - Target
heels - Mudd (sigh)

First of all, I apologise for the quality of these photos.  My dad took them on his iPhone while we were out to dinner (except for the last one, I took that).  And speaking of out to dinner, tis excuse-making time!

This weekend is the weekend of July 4th, which is Independence Day here in the US.  And, while I don't find it a particularly interesting holiday (I know, I'm bad at being patriotic, sorry.  But, I mean, if we'd just stayed under England, we'd have much cooler accents!  Just saying.), everyone else in the city, state, and country do - and I am therefore being subjected (well, "subjected") to going out to dinner, parties, fireworks every night, and general not-having-time-to-photograph-outfits-ness.  Come to think of it, perhaps that's why this time of year irks me!  It's interfering with my blogging time!!

This is my apology post for probably not having regular photos up until tomorrow (maybe).  Because the one part of this holiday I do like is being able to spend time with friends and family, which is invaluable.

Even if it does get in the way of blogging....

Cheers, and (to my fellow Americans) Happy Independence Day!

PS - This outfit is from two days ago (Friday), when I was alerted that in twenty minutes, we'd be going out to dinner.  I was still in my pyjamas.  Go figure, haha.

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