Wednesday, 13 July 2011

let's think about theatres and peaches.

Yay for awkward posing in public places!

Hmm, the stripes look blue-ish here, but they're actually more violet.

I don't know if you can see, but the diamond earrings I'm wearing were given
to me by my grandmother for my sixteenth birthday.  They're rather old
(my grandfather gave them to her a long time ago) and I'm slightly terrified to
be wearing them... it's like I'm wearing a semester of college on my earlobes!

Can't resist the spinning, of course!

outfit details:
skirt - vintage
white button-down - Coldwater Creek (borrowed it from my mum)
heels - Indigo
purse - thrifted
[can it be!?  an outfit without a single thing bought from Kohl's!?]

photos taken by my mum - woah, a change of scenery!

I love it when my outfits surprise people.  Now, I'm not the most outrageous fashionista, so I don't think it happens that frequently, but today was apparently one of those days.  I put on some bright clothes, pull my hair up, and my little cousin says, "I like your costume.  What play were you in today?"

...I'm going to take that as a compliment, because I don't really know how else it should be taken!  Zack and I are theatre people through and through :)

Speaking of theatres... tomorrow at this time, I'll be in/on my way to the theatre where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two is premièring, probably already becoming teary-eyed!  Good thing I've already got my water-proof make up ready - one cannot be Bellatrix Lestrange with dripping mascara, haha.   

And speaking of Harry Potter, I still have the sixth and seventh books to re-read.  Nine hours, guys, do you think I can do it?  Tonight will be spent drinking the strongest coffee the pantry has to offer, doing jumping jacks every time I get tired, and achieving that marvelous sleepy-eyed look so I can use less eyeliner while making my eyes look dark and villainous for my costume!  The less eye make up, the better, because despite the labels' claims of waterproof-ness, I don't trust they'll hold up to my bawling.  Who knows?

I re-worded the title to this post several times so I could incorporate the word "peaches".  Today my mum and I went downtown to the farmer's market (consisting of -gasp- a full two stalls!) and bought zucchini, plums, canteloupe, tomatoes, nectarines and peaches!  My absolute favourite part of summer is the fruit - cherries and peaches being tied for the number one place on my list - and so this made me very excited.  Just thought I'd share :)

Now I'm off to tackle 1411 pages of awesomeness!  Wish me luck!


PS - I can't wait to finally be able to post a look on Chictopia with the occasion marked "farmer's market".  I don't know why this is my kind-of life's ambition, but it is.  And now it shall be fulfilled.

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