Friday, 29 July 2011

a magical cabin in the woods. because that's not creepy-sounding at all.

image from

I thought I'd leave you guys with a quaint photo of a magical cabin in the woods, partially because it's pretty, and partially because I know the cabin I'm staying in will look nothing like this so I should dismiss the thought from my head before I am disappointed.  You may remember, or not, that I'm going away to [yet another] camp tomorrow, this time for two weeks!  Because I'm a bad person and all that, I haven't scheduled any guest bloggers or surprise posts or clever things in my absence, and for that I apologise.  However, I can promise you a shi- bucketload of photographs when I return and have my sixteen rolls of film developed!  Yep, with no electricity comes a lot of film for this photographing gal :)

I'll miss you all terribly (even if you never comment... -sob- ...huh, did I say something?)!  Don't forget me - I'll be back posting as soon as I return home, and posts will probably be more frequent once school starts, and I'm forced to actually get dressed every day, haha.


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