Monday, 11 July 2011

prolonged exposure [to awesomeness].

This one's my favourite.

Attack of the shirt!

Haley didn't want her photo taken, the silly child!

Details, woo!

This totally could have been your senior portrait, Julie :)

Some nifty flying attempts going on there.

Careful, she's morphing into monster mode...


It's a fairy!  It's a spastic ballerina!  It's Julie!

Awesome picture, creepy eyes...

no outfit details!?
what are you playing at, Shayli!?
what is the world coming to!?

These photos are a couple of weeks old, from a photoshoot-ish sleepover I had with my bestest buds ever, Haley and Julie.  I say photoshoot-ish because while we had originally planned to do a whole photoshoot with several outfits and everyone in front of the camera (as you can see, I played photography lady only, which was a fun change!), but we were distracted by clothes (of course) and chattering and we headed out when the sun was already beginning to set - hence the blurry photos.  My camera was attempting to adjust for the lack of light... but I think the effect is pretty neat.  Almost ethereal, don'tcha think?

Julie has been on my case about going through the [four hundred!] photos from that evening and posting them on here, so today I took the time to finally do it.  Huzzah for productive days!  I placed several online orders with my birthday money (shazam!), received some strut-worthy boots in the mail (I'll post about those later), actually did some school work (!), and did five loads of laundry.  

Now what I really should be doing is using those freshly laundered clothes to begin packing!  I'm going to be away for a week beginning Sunday (July 17) at a super awesome summer camp.  I won't be able to post regularly (if at all - I doubt there will be internet/time to utilise internet should there be any), but I can promise you that there will be a freaking avalanche of photos when I return.  Also, before I go, I'll be posting a ton of links to blogs I adore, so you can keep yourselves amused while I'm gone.  *sniff*  I know you'll miss me ever so much!


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