Thursday, 7 July 2011

this was once a magical day.

outfit details:
dress - Kohl's
plaid shirt - Converse
sequined flats - Nine West
turquoise multi-chain necklace - Charming Charlie's
bangles - hand-me-downs

In 2007, July 7 was considered a super-lucky/holy/awesome day by lots of people, for differing reasons, I'd suppose.  Some thought the number 7 was the number of heaven, others thought it was a symbol of luck or the right numerology, and some, like me, just happened to like the gosh-darn number.  It always happens on days like today, that I go around thinking about matching numbers and dates and if they matter.  And, because I'm ridiculously tired, hoping that all the wishes I make today are heard extra-clearly by the stars because obviously, the stars should care about human numbers, too.

Today is also my last full day of fifteen.  For some reason everyone expects me to be excited about that, but I don't really see any significance.  Tomorrow I'll be one day older, not magically more mature or more awesome or more teenager-y, or different in any way, really.  I'll just have a new label, one reading "SIXTEEN".  Though I did wake up this morning and think, "Hey, tomorrow's my birthday!  Cool!"  So we're making some progress on that front.

I think I'm going to take the wondrous opportunity of having everyone in the basement (except me, because I'm a loser and anti-social and whatnot) (or it's my brother's end-of-season baseball party) and take an early shower and go to bed.  After all, people will be expecting to find me more worldly and mature tomorrow!  [gag...]


PS - Today's outfit is brought to  you by one Shayli thinking she wouldn't leave the house today so why get dressed in anything? and one Shayli not wanting to wear cutoffs and a t-shirt for the billionth time in a row.  So it clashes wonderfully, I know.  You should have seen it when I went grocery shopping with my dad and I took this fantastic purse.  Plaid on plaid on patterns on sequins on jewelry.... fun times!

PPS - The same extreme tiredness that caused me to ramble on about numbers and dates also caused me to not take many photographs.  My apologies.


  1. Happy birthday! Sweet sixteen!!! Also hyped your look on Lookbook, btw. :)


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