Sunday, 24 July 2011

we're all stories in the end.

It's the birthday girl :)

Getting a little too close for comfort!  She actually got a tiny bit of icing on the edge of my lens...

Josie is surrounded by her cousins, Baylee and Zack.

Tooooo... much.... cakeeeee....

How can a little piece of cake do that much damage?!

outfit details:
button down shirt - Converse
shorts - Levi's, thrifted
pink shoes - Converse
necklace - Kohl's

When you need cheering up, all you need is a one year old's birthday party!  Well, sort of.  The little birthday girl is the daughter of my aunt's brother, which isn't confusing at all.  The occasion was bittersweet, however, because baby Josie was adopted several months ago, and really soon after the adoption, her [new adoptive] mother died.  It was a complete tragedy, and was absolutely horrible.  How could she die when she had a baby to take care of?  I don't care to dwell on this any longer.  So while we were all happy to be celebrating Josie's first birthday, it was hard to ignore the fact that her mum should have been there, too.

This heat is ridiculous.  Absolutely, mind numbingly, temper-raisingly, ridiculous.  That foggy haze in my photos today?  Yeah, condensation started forming on my camera's lens as soon as I walked outside!  The tripod was rather slippery as well.  What kind of rubbish humidity is that!?  Rargh.

It's nice to have outfit photos back and kicking.  Even with humidity fog.

I also wanted to say something about the attacks in Norway, but I'm rather at a loss for words.  It hit me particularly hard when I heard the news, as I'd just returned from my summer camp and now I keep having daydream nightmare things where I imagine something similar happening at SUUSI.  It's terrifying and really puts things in perspective.  I will never understand the mindless hatred that causes people to strike out at the helpless and the innocent.  My love and support goes out to Norway and the victims and families.  I wish I could do something; I hate feeling so helpless.

Despite this depressing post, I'm really glad to be in blog-world again.  Maybe the sad, foggy look is appropriate today.

Cheers, except not really because the world just isn't a nice place at the moment,

PS - It's nice to know, though, that even when the world isn't a nice place, there are little kids having their first birthdays and smearing icing all over their faces.

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