Tuesday, 30 August 2011

slightly stressed and mildly musical.

outfit details:
dress - thrifted
vest - Modcloth
heels - Kohl's
(woah, look at that!  a three-piece outfit!  strange...)

Junior year.  Hmm.  Never a dull moment, which is always a good thing.  I think.  Maybe.

Until "never a dull moment" means "never a free moment" and I'm here blogging when I probably should be studying for psychology or doing jumping jacks or sleeping.  But I like blogging, dammit, and not even this absurd amount of work so ridiculously early in the school year is going to stop me!

One thing I'm super duper excited about is entirely non-school-related.  Oooh, intrigue!  The guitar that my dad and I ordered a week or so ago finally arrived!  I've been teaching myself to play the guitar for [maybe] two months, and I'm really enjoying it.  I can "play" (read: kind of make sounds that don't sound totally horrible) quite a few instruments: the violin (for which I actually had six years of classical training, so that counts as real playing and not "playing"... Though only somewhat because I no longer take lessons or play regularly.), the ukulele (fun!  And cheap!  And fun!), the piano (hah.  I can plunk out melodies.  Does that count as playing?), and now the guitar.  Oh, and the mandolin!  I like the mandolin, except it's super painful to play if you have no calluses.  It took me about a week to develop my calluses, and I am ever so proud of them.  Don't be hatin' on my calluses, now.

So!  Yes!  School is stressful as ever, but this year has got to be better than last.  It just has to be.  So I'm attempting to keep an optimistic outlook on things, and maybe I'll even exercise or eat healthy or something to go along with that.  Who knows?  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, as they say.  Ye gods, now I'm rambling about clich├ęs.  Please stop me.  Yikes!

What else is new?  One of my best friends, Julie, is away at college, and I miss her a lot.  I have a new TV show to add to my list of favourites.  It's called Sherlock, and it's written by the same man who writes Doctor Who.  It's pretty nifty.  (And when I say "pretty nifty", I mean "Sherlock is really attractive and ooh, the plot is actually interesting!  Like, for reals!")  When I kidnap Julie away from the land of college, we're going to watch it.  Because we're super cool like that :)

Thaaaaaaaaat was a lot of writing for someone who has other things she should be doing!  Anyhow, I hope you all are having wonderful weeks so far (even though Tuesdays are the worst day of the week, augh) and fall is almost here!  That sentence is not connected in any way at all.  But hey, I love fall :)


Saturday, 27 August 2011

this funny shade of after-the-rain.

This doesn't even capture the torrents of water that were slamming our house.

outfit details:
dress - Kohl's
vest - American Apparel (thrifted)
brown woven belt - Kohl's
lace-up boots - Elle for Kohl's

As I write this, my head is beginning to ache from lying on the floor and working on my first homework assignment of the year – a chapter outline for AP Psychology.  Essentially just glorified notes, but in my overachiever-ly mindset on the first day of school, I’m filling pretty much every white space with itty bitty cramped writing.  Ouch.  It’s not even due until Monday, but I’d rather just finish it now while I don’t have much school stress.  See, I’m a smart cookie.  Er, or something.

My dad took today’s photos, because the moment I picked up my camera and looked out the window, I knew there was a storm moving in, and fast.  That’d be why the lighting is strange and some of the photos (okay, probably every photo) are slightly blurred.  Oh well, still.  Thanks, Dad!  It began to rain gently, just some fat drops falling lazily, by the time we finished photos (which was probably in record time, once I told my dad to “just stop breathing, the camera will be steadier!”  Which makes sense, especially as a photographer, but to someone listening to their crazy photographer daughter, it’s ah… a tad worrisome, apparently.  Hah!).  I even got some photos of the ominous sky, for your viewing pleasure.  Lovely, no?

Now, I can feel the house shake (earthquake style!  Ooooh.) from the torrents of rain lashing the  windows.  The air trembles with the force of thunder and giant pellets of rain (and hail, possibly) hurtling through.  If what we experienced on Tuesday was an earthquake, then this must surely be a skyquake, tossing trees and deck chairs about with the same ferocity, and letting off that same sinister rumbling sound.

It's like awesome with a side dish of lightning.


PS - I'm so, so sorry for not actually posting this on the first day of school!  Because of Hurricane Irene (yep, East Coast USA drama again!) our internet has been not nice recently.  Or, more not nice than usual.  But now I've finally gotten it to cooperate for long enough to successfully post this!  I hope.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

earthquakes and hurricanes and school, oh my!

Well.  So.

Today was supposed to be my first day of school, but yesterday the East Coast felt a teensy tiny 5.8 earthquake, with its epicentre about half an hour away from where I live.  No one was hurt, but it's definitely something Virginia and the surrounding areas are not used to, nor prepared for.  Therefore, a few of my county's schools had some minor structural damage and the start of school was delayed a day.  Phooey!  I was so ready to start school, really I was!

Also, I was all prepared to take outfit photos and whatnot, but the sun went down super fast today and before I knew it the light had gone and I had crap-tastic photos like this one:

I could probably lighten them with Photoshop or Picnik, but I'm lazy and tired and excited for school tomorrow!  So!  That's today for ya.

Oh, and also I got a haircut!   You'll see it better in my photos tomorrow :)


PS - The sunset right now is absolutely gorgeous.  Ah.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

columbus sailed the ocean blue.

I hate Christopher Columbus.  Not because he murdered thousands of natives when he landed in the "New World", though, come to think of it, that's a good enough reason to hate someone.

No, I hate him because I have to write this bloody essay about him for my history summer assignment.  Four pages on what two books think of him, and I'm not allowed to be too opinionated.  Have I ever come across as a person who enjoys withholding her strong opinions!?

Also, have I mentioned it's due tomorrow?

Ah, yes.  We know school's about to start (yep, tomorrow for me) when Shayli's procrastinating!

Damn.  If this essay was done, I could already be laying out my back-to-school outfit, which, believe it or not, I haven't done yet.  Shame on me!

Back to typing about daft old Columbus now... but tomorrow I'll have my outfit for ye!  :)


Thursday, 18 August 2011

it started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope.

outfit details:
floral dress - American Eagle
cardigan - Elle for Kohl's
flats - Nine West
woven handbag - Goodwill
spifftastic dangling earrings - Charming Charlie's

I love it when strangers are friendly.  Today I went to the mall to search for, as I told my best friend, "a bra that doesn't make me want to punch someone in the face".  Mhmm, I hate strapless bras with a fiery passion.  But they are a necessary evil, so I was on a mission to find one I hated slightly less than the others.

Anyhow.  Walking through the mall by myself is always something I find slightly intimidating, because nearly everyone else is with a group of people, and the ones who aren't typically come off as shady.  So I find myself trying to avoid the big groups, and at the same time wondering, "Do people think I'm up to something shady, because I'm here by myself?"  'Tis quite ridiculous.  But my feelings of awkwardness and apparent shadiness and loserness (Who goes to the mall by themselves?  This chica.) were completely unfounded, as everyone I came in contact with was extraordinarily nice today!

In American Eagle, I was complimented on my dress.  In Aerie, I was complimented on it again (and found a strapless bra I didn't hate!  Plus a couple others - happily strap-ful - which I loved!), and walking out, again!  The girl working there was very sweet as well.  Passing a tea shop, the woman offering samples asked me where I got my shoes.  In Charming Charlie's, the cashier kept up a running commentary of how much she loved everything I was purchasing.  All in all, it was a confidence-boosting trip.  Who goes to the mall by themselves?  I do!  Who got compliments and conversation?  I did!

Oh yeah.  Ten points to Ravenclaw for Shayli practising being an extrovert!


Monday, 15 August 2011

mary, mary, quite contrary...

outfit details:
floral dress - Target
striped top - Kohl's
sequined flats - Nine West
hat (best hat ever!) - Target
bracelet - gift from Hawaii

Today's blog post comes to you in the form of a list.  Kinda.

1. I'm back from camp!  Yay!  It's taking me some time to readjust to life, but I'm happy to be home :)

2. I have a newfound obsession with cinnamon.  Mmmmm.  To the point where I've got a cinnamon stick in my mouth as I type this.

3. The hat in these photos was my constant companion at camp.  It shielded my face from the sun, made a convenient pillow, and even folded up into a handy shoulder rest for when I was playing violin.  

4. Speaking of violin, I now have blisters on my fingers from non-stop playing the mandolin!  It's really nifty and fun but my fingers are sooo sore!

5. I think four is a good number, so I'm going to stop here.  Wait, damn, that makes five.

6. Since I've already passed four...

7. I got more bugbites stepping outside for 10 minutes to take these photos than I did in my entire two weeks at camp.  That's just not fair!

Aha!  Now I'm finished!  And I like seven too, so it's all good :)


PS - Camp photos will be up shortly.