Thursday, 18 August 2011

it started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope.

outfit details:
floral dress - American Eagle
cardigan - Elle for Kohl's
flats - Nine West
woven handbag - Goodwill
spifftastic dangling earrings - Charming Charlie's

I love it when strangers are friendly.  Today I went to the mall to search for, as I told my best friend, "a bra that doesn't make me want to punch someone in the face".  Mhmm, I hate strapless bras with a fiery passion.  But they are a necessary evil, so I was on a mission to find one I hated slightly less than the others.

Anyhow.  Walking through the mall by myself is always something I find slightly intimidating, because nearly everyone else is with a group of people, and the ones who aren't typically come off as shady.  So I find myself trying to avoid the big groups, and at the same time wondering, "Do people think I'm up to something shady, because I'm here by myself?"  'Tis quite ridiculous.  But my feelings of awkwardness and apparent shadiness and loserness (Who goes to the mall by themselves?  This chica.) were completely unfounded, as everyone I came in contact with was extraordinarily nice today!

In American Eagle, I was complimented on my dress.  In Aerie, I was complimented on it again (and found a strapless bra I didn't hate!  Plus a couple others - happily strap-ful - which I loved!), and walking out, again!  The girl working there was very sweet as well.  Passing a tea shop, the woman offering samples asked me where I got my shoes.  In Charming Charlie's, the cashier kept up a running commentary of how much she loved everything I was purchasing.  All in all, it was a confidence-boosting trip.  Who goes to the mall by themselves?  I do!  Who got compliments and conversation?  I did!

Oh yeah.  Ten points to Ravenclaw for Shayli practising being an extrovert!



  1. The dress is so pretty.I love how it beautifully contrasts with the green background :)


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