Monday, 15 August 2011

mary, mary, quite contrary...

outfit details:
floral dress - Target
striped top - Kohl's
sequined flats - Nine West
hat (best hat ever!) - Target
bracelet - gift from Hawaii

Today's blog post comes to you in the form of a list.  Kinda.

1. I'm back from camp!  Yay!  It's taking me some time to readjust to life, but I'm happy to be home :)

2. I have a newfound obsession with cinnamon.  Mmmmm.  To the point where I've got a cinnamon stick in my mouth as I type this.

3. The hat in these photos was my constant companion at camp.  It shielded my face from the sun, made a convenient pillow, and even folded up into a handy shoulder rest for when I was playing violin.  

4. Speaking of violin, I now have blisters on my fingers from non-stop playing the mandolin!  It's really nifty and fun but my fingers are sooo sore!

5. I think four is a good number, so I'm going to stop here.  Wait, damn, that makes five.

6. Since I've already passed four...

7. I got more bugbites stepping outside for 10 minutes to take these photos than I did in my entire two weeks at camp.  That's just not fair!

Aha!  Now I'm finished!  And I like seven too, so it's all good :)


PS - Camp photos will be up shortly.


  1. This outfit is so cute! I love the contrasting patterns of floral and stripes, and the hat looks great with it! I'm really happy I found your blog! You have a great fashion sense, your posts ALWAYS make me laugh, and you post beautiful pictures! I'm your newest (slightly obsessed) follower! If you have time, I would love it if you checked out my fashion bag as well! If you like it and decide to follow back, that would be so amazing! Of course, that is only if you like my blog too. Hope to hear from you soon, and looking forward to more posts!


  2. Oh my, thank you so much! I'm happy to follow your blog - I really love your writing style, and your sense of fashion is so fun and chic! I especially loved your post about back to school outfits - it reminds me that I should start thinking about mine, haha! :)
    Thanks again for following!

  3. I love what you've done to this dress! I never would've thought to wear it as a skirt!


  4. Thank you, Meganne! This is what happens when I run out of shorts and throw something on at the last minute, haha :)


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