Saturday, 27 August 2011

this funny shade of after-the-rain.

This doesn't even capture the torrents of water that were slamming our house.

outfit details:
dress - Kohl's
vest - American Apparel (thrifted)
brown woven belt - Kohl's
lace-up boots - Elle for Kohl's

As I write this, my head is beginning to ache from lying on the floor and working on my first homework assignment of the year – a chapter outline for AP Psychology.  Essentially just glorified notes, but in my overachiever-ly mindset on the first day of school, I’m filling pretty much every white space with itty bitty cramped writing.  Ouch.  It’s not even due until Monday, but I’d rather just finish it now while I don’t have much school stress.  See, I’m a smart cookie.  Er, or something.

My dad took today’s photos, because the moment I picked up my camera and looked out the window, I knew there was a storm moving in, and fast.  That’d be why the lighting is strange and some of the photos (okay, probably every photo) are slightly blurred.  Oh well, still.  Thanks, Dad!  It began to rain gently, just some fat drops falling lazily, by the time we finished photos (which was probably in record time, once I told my dad to “just stop breathing, the camera will be steadier!”  Which makes sense, especially as a photographer, but to someone listening to their crazy photographer daughter, it’s ah… a tad worrisome, apparently.  Hah!).  I even got some photos of the ominous sky, for your viewing pleasure.  Lovely, no?

Now, I can feel the house shake (earthquake style!  Ooooh.) from the torrents of rain lashing the  windows.  The air trembles with the force of thunder and giant pellets of rain (and hail, possibly) hurtling through.  If what we experienced on Tuesday was an earthquake, then this must surely be a skyquake, tossing trees and deck chairs about with the same ferocity, and letting off that same sinister rumbling sound.

It's like awesome with a side dish of lightning.


PS - I'm so, so sorry for not actually posting this on the first day of school!  Because of Hurricane Irene (yep, East Coast USA drama again!) our internet has been not nice recently.  Or, more not nice than usual.  But now I've finally gotten it to cooperate for long enough to successfully post this!  I hope.


  1. Love your outfit! The color blocking is perfect, and the dress is so cute. I'm freaking out about the hurricane! I love in Connecticut, very close to New York City, and my family and I have been preparing like mad!


  2. Thank you so much, Daly! I'm in Virginia and it's been pouring alllllll day. Stay safe! :)


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