Sunday, 4 September 2011

movie talker. (or: cootie stalker, moving taco, gimme chocolate...)

It's Jena!  Huzzah!  We had a mini pre-concert photoshoot session :)

outfit details:
grey tank top - American Eagle
white vest - Charlotte Russe
flare jeans - American Eagle (though that spectacular hole was torn by me, completely by accident...)
heels - American Eagle (they're not paying me, I swear!)
bag - gifted from some hippy festival somewhere...
key necklace - made myself
bottle cap earrings - made myself, too.  Aren't I sooo creative?

My life is so exciting, as you've been able to see if you've followed my blog for a while.  School, homework, sleeping, shopping, taking photos, sleeping, sleeping.... yeah, it's thrilling, I know.  But once in a while, something comes along to make it even more epic - a super duper nifty concert with my favourite super duper nifty people, for instance!

What?  I have friends?  I know, it's quite a surprise, even to my parents, but it's true nonetheless.  Friends.  I have them.  It's a good thing to know :)

So, with these wonderful friends (such as the lovely Jena!), I went to a concert at a downtown bookstore last night.  There were four bands playing, and none of them I had ever heard before, so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  Well, I really needn't have worried, because each band was absolutely fantastic!  It makes me happy to know that there's a thriving music scene in my tiny town (technically the city next to my town, but we're all inclusive and such).  The featured band of the show was The Bassic Needs (haha, geddit, "bass"ic?), and their songs were extremely loud and extremely awesome!  I know sometimes the whole experience of seeing a band live is thrilling and then you listen to them on a recording and it's just not as great... especially for people who weren't there to see them live with you.  But, nonetheless, I'm going to share with you the song for which this blog post was named, "Movie Talker".  Because of the loudness making us feel like we had cotton balls shoved in our ears, we couldn't really tell what they were saying at first.  So we came up with all sorts of theories.... time well spent :)




  1. Haha, this song made me laugh and it's great! Love your casual concert outfit as well!


  2. Great photos! Your hair is so pretty and I love the casual outfit!

  3. Thank you so much, Vanessa! <3


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