Tuesday, 6 September 2011

real water drops are a blessing.

Am I the only person who can't stand the fake plastic-y "water droplets" on plastic flowers?  Eugh.  Real, fresh rain is the only way to go - there's no substitute.

Sooo, after today's photoshoot, I was walking back up the path to my house when I noticed a few roses still in bloom on our tiny rose bush.  The opportunity was too good to pass up: soft light, raindrops on petals, and oh look, I conveniently have this camera here with me!  There were a lot more photos than this, but I didn't want to bore you - so here are my favourites.  The contrast between the bright pink of the flowers and the grey of, well, everything else made the roses just that much more special, I think.

[Also, the white balance on my camera turned the gravel behind some of the roses a bright aqua colour.  I kind of like it though, so it stayed :) ]



  1. Ugh, what even are those fake rain drops?

  2. Probably solid poison meant to exterminate us all! It's a conspiracy!!

    ...Either that, or nasty plastic spray. I don't really know which one I prefer.


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