Tuesday, 20 September 2011

a study in feathers.

Because you totally wanted a close-up of my hair.  Or maybe you did, I dunno.
I just thought the light was sort of cool.

owl tee - American Eagle // vest - Charlotte Russe // shorts - American Eagle // grey over-the-knee socks - Hue // combat boots - Kohl's // feather earrings - Charming Charlie's

All I want to do is stop thinking about people dying.  I should think about my fantastic Labyrinth-Jareth-David-Bowie-owl shirt or the great over-the-knee socks I've got.  Or maybe even something productive, like my homework.  But no.  My brain is set on doing what it does best, apparently: dwelling on things when I'd love nothing better than to forget about them entirely.

Oh, joy.


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