Thursday, 1 September 2011


outfit details:
dress - Target
floral blazer - Coldwater Creek
heels - American Eagle
pocketwatch necklace - vintage

Is it weird to be infatuated with a fabric?  As a fashion blogger, I really hope not.  This season, I am absolutely in love with furniture and upholstery fabric.  My most coveted shoes at the moment are these Jeffrey Campbell Litas with - check it out - upholstery-type floral fabric!  I also adore the Jeffrey Campbell Rumble boots - both with and without kitchy furniture fabric :)

Anyhow, this blazer/jacket/thingamabob makes me think of upholstery, with its faded floral print in muted colours.  The shoulders were a  bit funky today - I don't know if there used to be shoulder pads in this or what, but the left shoulder kept sticking up in a point and it was somewhat strange-looking.

Right now I'm entirely confused because I was talking to my mum earlier about a pair of shoes I like (these adorable Dolce Vita ankle boots!) and I could have sworn they came in the colour "Cognac".  Now, when I told her the colour, she had to coach me on exactly how to pronounce "Cognac", so I couldn't have made it up.  But when I went to look at the shoes again, there was nothing even remotely close to cognac.  I definitely couldn't have made it up, so I've been searching through all the shoes I've looked at recently (which is an enormous feat, I promise you.)  (Heh heh, "feat", "feet", shoes.... no?  Bad pun?  Sorry...) and NONE of them come in a shade called "Cognac"!  Augh.  Just when I'm beginning to pronounce it properly, too.  Such confusation....

I'm super duper tired right now, but I wanted to post this :)  Goodnight, my chickadees!



  1. Super cool photos, and the outfit is adorable. I love the blazer-jacket thingamabob haha. And how DO you pronounce cognac? I think I might be saying it wrong. PLEASE HELP :D!


  2. Thank you, Daly! My mum told me cognac is pronounced "cone-yak".... So if that's wrong, forgive me! But I was pronouncing it as it's spelled before she corrected me xD


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