Tuesday, 6 September 2011

you're just like your dad, surprise, you don't only share his eyes.

Awh, frizzy hair... Hey, it was 98% humidity out there today, gimme a break!

outfit details:
blue tunic - Coldwater Creek (thrifted)
black tuxedo jeggings - Jessica Simpson Collection
sexy boots - Seychelles
scarf - Charming Charlie's

They say, when you have kids of your own, you'll reach that terrifying moment when you say something and it sounds just like what your parents would have said.  Well, jolly good for me, I don't even have to wait to procreate before noticing this.

After the concert I went to on Saturday, my friends and I were loitering standing outside of the [amazing] coffee shop a few stores down from the bookshop where the concert had been held.  It was about 10:10pm, and we had planned to get coffee/hot chocolate/chai lattes/drinks of deliciousness after the show, but the shop was closed!  So, like the chai latte-loving person I am, I began to rant about how silly it is that shops downtown close at ten when there's obviously at least some semblance of a nightlife after that hour.  They'd make so much more money if they were open til eleven, or even just 10:30!  Am I right?  I'm right.  So, I was really getting into my rant, when bestfriendHaley steps in and says, "Shayli, I'm very sorry to tell you this, but you sound just like your father.  And it's a little scary."


I love my father, but the last thing I really want to do is unconsciously mimic his tendency to rant and rant and rant and rant and rant and... well,  you get the picture.  Ranting about things you can't really change.  Charming, no?  If I'm going to inherit qualities from my father, I'd rather gain the ability to cook (I can make toast and brownies, does that count?), or the ability to make friends anywhere and everywhere (I'm far more reserved around people than he is), or the ability to fall asleep anywhere (...I pretty much have that one covered, actually).

Let's hope I don't end up loudly snoring or totally disregarding time, okay?
[Love you, Dad!  :)]


PS - A word on my outfit - this is the most comfortable outfit I've worn in... forever.  It was a perfect (and rainy, but still) autumn day today, mid-60's and overcast and fantastic.  I felt warm and cozy and quite a bit badass in my boots.  They remind me a bit of a certain sexy Goblin King :)


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