Thursday, 27 October 2011

221b baker street: an impersonation.

In order to annoy my inner Sherlock, of course I had to dress as him for Superhero Day
at school!  It was fun, though when I got really into character I think I scared my friends
a bit... :)

Oh, and in case you missed my introductory blog post about Sherlock, click!

blazer - Lauren Conrad for Kohl's // trousers - Macy's // button-down shirt - Coldwater Creek // lace camisole - Elle for Kohl's // long vest-coat-thing - Orvis // scarf - Chaps

I'm in a mood this evening and the last thing I feel like doing is blogging - yet here I am.  Mostly I just wanted to share these photos, because 1) they're somewhat Sherlockian, pshyeah! and 2) they're the last of my un-posted photos, so I can stop feeling bad about them just sitting there collecting stray pixels, or whatever computerized things collect when left alone for a long time, since they're not actual physical objects and therefore cannot collect dust.

Huh.  Sleep time now?

Oh, but before I go!  I also wanted to show you some of my favourite Sherlock pictures (I have no life whatsoever, it is true.):

Oh, I give up.  I was going to try to make the pictures clickable but I can't figure out how!
These two awesome doodle pages are from the lovely Jena of Charming Anachronism :)
...we get bored in Chemistry class.

John is made of kittens.  Obviously.

I love Martin Freeman.  SO much.

[...I feel bad that I don't remember exactly where all these photos came from.
But they were on Tumblr, I'm sure of it.]


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

animal egoism.

Shadepaw :)

Spirit :)

Shadow :)
My animals are far too photogenic.  They just lie there, looking at me, saying, "Take my photograph!  You see how gorgeous this is, now document it for the whole world to see!  I'm so pretty!  Tell me I'm pretty!  I'm pretty, aren't I?"

I think my animals may have some self-esteem issues.

Or am I the one with issues?  Talking to my animals, hmm.... well....

Anyway, I love to photograph them (especially the cats - sorry Shadow!  I'm such a cat person.), so no complaints from me.  Just wanted to share the animal love (and silliness)!


an awful lot of running to do.

dress - H&M // shirt - Cloud Nine // navy tights -Target // ankle booties - DSW // belt - Kohl's

I am ridiculously exhausted right now, but I wanted to share yesterday's outfit.  I feel like I've been in a bit of a modelling slump for the past couple of weeks, not entirely comfortable in front of the camera and doing the same old static poses over and over.  Yesterday, though, I actually had fun with it and I think that shows through in the photos.  Plus, I got to edit them with my brand-spankin'-new Photoshop CS4!  So spiffy :)

A few photos of my silly, adorable, photogenic cats will follow this post, but besides that, I think I'm done for the night.  I can barely function; my mind is moving very slowly.  Type.  Post.  Blog.  Email.  Shower.  Sleep.  Those are my goals for the moment.  Maybe Homework should be in there somewhere?  Nah...


Monday, 24 October 2011

the right to play my ukulele in a coffee shop.

This slide used to be a lot taller when I was five!  Granted, it was still pretty tall xD

No idea what I'm doing here... but Ellie photographed it!

Esther and Ted seesawing.

Tara's fantastic balancing act!

I love Tara's shoes!

Ellie serenaded us while we walked :)

Notes, photos, illustrations, and all four novels and 56 short stories!


Esther is adorable :)

Buddy's shoe is evil!

Esther and Ted being silly :)

Haley was drawing on her shoes...

Esther's shoes!  I love!

This is on of the doors that *everyone* takes their senior photos in front of.

This is the other door... except it's not really a door.  We didn't think he could climb it...

But we were wrong!

Even the ivy is changing colours!

Ooh, sign me up!

...I'm worried.

I have awesome friends :)

This Saturday, I met with a group of friends - some I hadn't seen since July, and some I see every week (or every day, in Haley's case!).  We strolled around downtown, got almost kicked out of my favourite coffee shop for playing the three ukuleles we had among us (psh, we have the right to play ukulele in a coffee shop!), and bought a box set of The Annotated S Sherlock Holmes!  It was absolutely brilliant.

Sorry for the photospam, but this is the first of two sets of photos I wanted to share.

Hope you had as great a weekend as I did!